Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars 2011

I've had this award show on my Outlook calendar for a few months now. The Oscars are to me what the Masters are to Grant. It's a big flipping deal.
All in all, as I've sat and watched the red carpet shows, (I watch all of them) I've noticed a few things.
1. Those that were HORRIBLE at the Golden Globes were much improved this evening.
2. The colors of the evening were black, white, silver, lavender, red and plum.
Alrighty, let's get right into it!

This is Helen Mirren. I always think she looks so beautiful and age appropriate.
HANDS DOWN: The winner for the night for me was Mandy Moore. These pictures do not do the dress justice. She looked SO STUNNING and Monique Lhullier makes a beautiful, beautiful gown and I LOVED THIS.
Again, the pictures don't do it justice!!


Nominee Melissa Leo had someone make her a dress from a doily.
Oh, Michelle Williams. Oh, sweet girl. We are so, so proud of you. The daisy dress from the Golden Globes is forgotten. You're all kinds of cute and we welcome you back with open arms. But, don't do the daisies again. We will shun you.

Helena Bonham Carter is also much improved from her Golden Globes debaucle as well. However, it must be said that it isn't too hard to improve from wearing two different shoes. That was insanity.

Halle Berry is beautiful as always.

I think it was really nice of Gwyneth Paltrow to come to the Oscars dressed as a full-length mirror. Now all her friends can check their makeup, hair, and adjust their cleavage without having to go to the bathroom. So sweet, Gwyneth!

This is Florence who is wearing an antique 1906 table cloth.

The shape of this dress is KILLER.
Mila Kunis is in a lovely, lovely color. I had to search really hard to find a picture that wasn't so covered in her ta-ta's.

I LOVE this color. (Long time readers of Jen the Newlywed's Award Show Red Carpet Recaps know that I LOVE ME SOME JEWEL TONES). I feel like it could've been an inch longer, but still, just beautiful!

When Nicole Kidman stepped out of the limo, I wrote down in my notes (yes, I take notes) "KIDMAN = GORGEOUS!" However, when they panned down to view the whole dress (the initial shot was just of the bodice) I wrote next to her name "The hip area is confusing".

This is Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. They are beautiful latin lovers and she is wearing a beautiful dress that is very very spicy.

Reese is so stinkin' cute. The dress didn't wow me but she's just adorable.

FYI - Celine Dion just had twins. Freak.

Cate Blanchett chose a dress that is lovely in color but odd in design. I'm perplexed by this whole situation going on up on top. I feel like their should be a face of a president in it. Just George Washington's head into that circle cut-out and you've got a lavender one dollar bill.

Oh, hey! Matthew and Camila! It's soooo good to see y'all again. Remember when we vacationed together?!?

Aside from the fact that this dress goes down to her belly button, it really is stunning and very Oscar-esque. She is gorgeous.

It's so cool that a Ken Doll came to the Oscar's.

In my notes it says "Mark Ruffalo's wife is wearing two dresses. Ugly and confusing".

I wish her dress was cut straight across at the top, but the color is great on her!

Scarlett wore a great color but I didn't like the dress. However, anything is better than the Bride of Frankenstein hair situation she wore back at the Globes.

Her hair has improved. And I liked the back of the dress here.

Sharon Stone scares me.

Annette Bening got her dress from the future, quite possibly from a space ship.

My notes say "Anne Hathaway = OSCAR PERFECTION"

Absolutely beautiful. I also really like her hair this color... it's a bit lighter and softer.

How adorable is Amy Adams and her husband?!

She never lets me down with the jewel tones. I think this dress is prettier from afar than it is up close. I think her necklace is awkward. But Amy never really does wrong in my eyes!

Alrighty folks! Thoughts? Opinions?


  1. love the gwyneth comment.
    don't love nicole kidmans dress.
    yes, reese is adorable.
    umm..the president/cate blanchett comment is my fav.
    I do love Camila's dress.
    I think my favorite is anne hathaway. gorgeous!

  2. I agree with you about all your comments. The Cate comment almost made me spew my yogurt all over my computer screen. I love you. I didn't get to watch last night due to the fact that I stayed up almost straight through for two days for the youth retreat. Now I don't have to-you do the public such a great service! You are the I know, totally dated comment. It's the lack of sleep. :)

  3. I always LOVE your Oscar reviews they make me laugh!
    and when you said "they are Latin LOVERS" it totally made me LOL!!!
    You are precious!