Monday, April 11, 2011

New York City Day 1: Women Are Emotional Creatures

Our flight departed at 9:20am.

Due to the fact that it took an hour and a half to get to the airport (6 accidents, people. SIX) and then another half hour to get through security, we arrived at the gate at 9:12am. 8 minutes early.


Now, I had just run through the airport. Barefoot. Carrying my shoes, purse, cellphone, and jacket. Grant sprinted ahead of me. As I turned the corner and saw him shaking his head, I knew we had missed the flight.

Grant said the look on my face could only be described as "someone very close to you must have died" because apparently I started right in with the weeping.


1. I had been stressed for a solid two hours due to traffic and security lines

2. I had not yet eaten

3. I had not yet had coffee

4. I had just run barefoot through the airport (no time to put shoes back on) and the floors were icky.


Thankfully, we got on the very next flight (2 hours later) and I pulled myself together after I had coffee and food. The plane had live TV and I was very happy about all that. We got to New York City and I immediately got giddy.

We took a cab to our hotel where we learned that if you're taking your 9th grade class trip to New York City for Spring Break, apparently this hotel is the place to stay because THE TEENAGERS, THEY WERE EVERYWHERE.

We walked to find some food and also learned that President Obama was doing a press conference across the street from our hotel. We knew this because we couldn't walk anywhere. And also there were snipers on the roof and Secret Service at the doors and the streets were blocked off and they kept sending decoy cars.

We finally got to walk and ate some dinner at The Carnegie Deli. Grant got a sandwich. And by "sandwich" I mean "A cow between two pieces of bread". See below.

It was impressive and disgusting all at the same time.

We then spent a long time walking around the city and Times Square. We walked ALOT on this trip. We walked so much I don't feel bad about all the food I ate.

We went to bed early from our long day of traveling.

The teenage boys were super helpful in my ambitions of falling asleep and staying asleep. Our hotel hallway soon became known as "The Hallway of Slamming Doors and People Shouting the Word "DUDE"

I didn't care though. I was on vacation. Tune in tomorrow for the celebrity sightings of Day 2!!


  1. well, that was fun since we haven't gotten to really catch up yet! Can't wait to hear about the rest, and I like your new little title/blurb.

    love you sister!!!

  2. loooove the new look and title!!!!!!

    my fave part of this post is about the sandwich being impressive and disgusting at the same time. haha

    Can't wait to hear more!

    sigh, I love you my dear.