Thursday, April 14, 2011

New York City Day 4: A Tiny Bottle of Wine

  Saturday morning was a very exciting morning for me. My cousin Katie and her husband James live in NYC and agreed to meet us for lunch! Katie is pregnant with sweet baby girl Josephine who is due to arrive around May 2. It was so fun to visit with them! We had a yummy breakfast at a brunch place in Greenwich Village. After brunch, Katie walked me by the "Friends" building.

Anytime they show the outside of Chander, Joey, Rachel and Monica's apartment on "Friends" this was the building they showed.

I looked across the street for Ugly Naked Guy. Didn't see him.

Now, I think what I am most ashamed of is that we didn't get a picture with Katie and James. I KNOW, I know. I'm a horrible picture-taker. We said goodbye at the subway platform, although Grant looked over at one point and saw James taking a picture of us..... they are like the papparazzi!

That's Grant in the white hat and me in the tan jacket. It looks like we're under surveillance.

We took the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge. This was a really, really beautiful walk.

It was definitely brisk that day!

Such a cool view!

Then we walked down to Ground Zero of the World Trade Center. That was humbling. The actual site of Ground Zero is not easy to see since they are currently building a memorial. It basically looks like a construction site. We did walk over and look at St. Paul's church across the street from Ground Zero. This was the church that ministered to all the firefighters in the hours, days and weeks after the towers fell. They've turned this church into a little museum. It really was so beautiful.

We then took a subway back to the main part of the city. We walked into Tiffany's which was super fun. After browsing the main floor, Grant said to me "The engagement rings are on the 3rd floor. Do you want to go up there?"

Why yes. Why yes I do.

IT WAS FANCY UP THERE. And none of those sales people even took a second glance at us. It was fun to look at all the MASSIVE diamonds. Such a beautiful place.

After that, we walked into Trump Tower. We ate lunch in the Trump Grill... the food was DELICIOUS. Thank you, Donald Trump! I had pasta again and a brownie with ice cream for dessert.

Then we walked through the Plaza Hotel. It was so, so beautiful and ornate. I kinda wish we had eaten lunch there.

Then, we enjoyed my favorite part of the day! CENTRAL PARK! We walked around aimlessly just enjoying the weather and the people watching. We sat on a bench outside of the Central Park Zoo for about 30 minutes, just watching people go by and interacting with all the precious kiddos.

Then we walked over to the Boathouse in Central Park and grabbed a snack. They were selling these teeny-tiny little bottles of white wine. I got one with a plastic cup. Grant made fun of me. I was the lush in the park.

 We went and sat on a rock overlooking the water. We sat there for over an hour just enjoying the views and talking. And having conversations with these ducks.

Such a beautiful, beautiful day! This is what vacations are all about.

I love him.

After a brief rest back at the hotel (and a little bit of The Masters) we took another walk through the city and Times Square. We ate dinner at Junior's. AMAZING CHEESECAKE.

We sat in Junior's for quite awhile and got to see Kathleen Turner leave the theater she was performing in. I know she's a living legend and all that but when I see her all I can think of is "Look! It's Chandler's dad!!"

Times Square at night.

I love New York :)


  1. Did you have the tune of Enchanted songs going through your head when walking through the park? If not, then shame on you!

  2. I loved reading about your trip... now I want to HEAR about it!