Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Confession Session

1. After listening to Mandisa share her joy on the radio this morning about how she has lost 120 lbs., I promptly pulled into the Kolache Factory and purchased TWO sausage and cheese kolaches for breakfast. And they were sooooo good.

2. On Sunday, I made a yellow cake with cream cheese frosting. Problem is, as soon as I put the cake in the oven, I realized I forgot to spray the pan with Pam! The cake still tastes ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS but, sadly, it looks like a hot mess since it didn't come out of the pan all the easily. Grant and I are still eating it though.

3. My big bad day from last week and the reason I'm in a rental car is because I was in a wreck. Yup, I was. And it was my fault. I rear-ended someone. It wasn't all that bad of an accident (her truck was pretty much fine) but I hit right in the sweet-spot and it is costing alot of money to fix my car. I feel horrible about stuff like that. I mean, clearly it wasn't intentional, and I wasn't on the phone or anything, but I hate that I'm costing us money.

4. I really don't like being the more expensive spouse.

5. There are some BIG THINGS on the horizon for Jen the Newlywed. NON-PREGNANCY RELATED things. Things that make me very happy. Things I hope to share with you soon! (I repeat: Not. Pregnant.)

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  1. So glad you said it wasn't a pregnancy, because that's DEFINITELY what I thought whenever I first read BIG THINGS! Can't wait to hear the news!