Monday, June 6, 2011

Today is Worthy of a Blog....

Good morning, friends!

I write to you this morning from my desk. My desk in my office. My office in my home.

My home office.


Ladies and gents, Jen the Newlywed is officially WORKING FROM HOME!!

That's right, I've started my own business!

I'm not entirely ready to let the entire cat out of the bag. (Don't get too excited, what I'm doing isn't all that mysterious or crazy, but I haven't worked out all the kinks and I'm still putting some finishing touches on my website and such).

But, I'll let a little bit of the cat out. Here is the cat's head: My new business largely involves the internet and social media. :)

I'm very excited. The fact that I didn't have to drive 45 minutes in traffic this morning is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

I'm just so thankful for the opportunity. God is good.