Monday, September 5, 2011


Having a hard time forming coherent, cohesive thoughts right now. So here are a few snippets:

Today was lovely and breezy and was the first tolerable day we've had in months. It was God's gift to me and I am so very thankful.

I tried something new for dinner tonight. I roasted potatoes rather than mashed them. I also coated chicken breasts in oats to give it crispiness. The potatoes were delicious. The chicken underwhelmed me.

I saw a tweet the other day that had me giggling for a long time. "Every pizza can be a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself."

Hot dogs are amazing.

I'm trying some new things for work. I've set a goal to meet by October 1, a goal to meet by November 1, and a goal to meet by December 31. I'm not telling anyone what those goals are, but I'm super motivated!

In other news, Grant went hunting every day this weekend and brought home many many doves that are in my refrigerator. Apparently he will be making "dove poppers" one night for dinner. That night, I will be eating "peanut butter sandwich".

I'm dreaming up an entire overhaul of my master bedroom. We spent some time walking around Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn this afternoon for ideas. Note: Grant and I have different tastes. This makes things difficult.

I emptied the laundry basket Thursday night. All clothes were washed and put away. How it is now overflowing again on Monday is beyond me. THERE IS ONLY TWO OF US WHO LIVE HERE.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about it and I've decided that while I don't know that I can watch Law &  Order: SVU without Detective Stabler, I also don't know that I can't  abandon Olivia Benson in her time of need. It will be painful and sad, but I will continue to watch.

Okay. That is all of my snippets for tonight. I know that this has been a literary masterpiece and you're all walking away from your computers feeling like you can conquer the day now that you've been enlightened by my eloquent and important words of wisdom.

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