Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes 2012: Red Carpet Recap

Words cannot express how excited I am to start award season. Y'all know I how I love award season. And I ESPECIALLY love the Golden Globes. Why? Because it's TV and Movies all together. It's a dream come true. I am definitely rooting for "The Help" to win big tonight! 

To start off, let's review Jen's Red Carpet Rules:

1. I always love jewel tones, and I especially love red heads in jewel tones. Pick colors that compliment your skin tone!

2. Respect the award show that you're at. There are some dresses that are more appropriate for the Oscars, some that are more appropriate for the Grammy's. Consider the setting and the audience.

3. Stop trying to shock everyone. You'll regret it. Just keep it classy.

4. Smile. Stop making weird faces.

5. I don't need to see your business. Keep it covered, ladies.

6. Don't get too crazy with the hair. Simple is better. 

7. Too much print is not a good idea on most people.

8. Jewelry can make or break a look. Wise choices, girls. Wise choices :)

9. Please don't make a dress out of a table cloth.

10. If you make a mistake, you can always redeem yourself at another award show. We all make mistakes. Just don't make them often! 

Alright, let's begin!!

Oh, Amanda Peet. You've already broken my table cloth rule. 

This is a totally normal couple. 

Charlize. I need your lips to have some color. And I'm not sure about this dress. I get the concept but I don't love it. I'm sorry. Your head piece is lovely though. 

Debra Messing. The dress is beautiful. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW SHOW SHE IS GOING TO BE IN. It's a musical show (like Glee) but focuses on the behind the scenes drama of a new Broadway show. JEN IS GOING TO BE ADDICTED.

Emma Stone's belt had an eagle on it. Yes, an eagle. Not so sure about that one. However, I love her hair, eye makeup, and the color of this dress. The neckline could be just a bit higher though :)

The color of this dress is AMAZING on her. Stunning. And her hair looked pretty awesome too. 

I wish this picture did this dress justice. I LOVED this dress. She's a best dressed nominee for me. So, so beautiful and classy. 

If I were as beautiful as Jessica Biel, I would not have chosen this particular frock. And that's all I'm going to say about that. 

This dress reminds me of a Fruit Roll-Up.

Julie Bowen is one of my favorite actresses. This dress is beautiful and so is she, I just wish the color was slightly different. It kinda washed her out.

Katharine McPhee. Beautiful dress. Beautiful girl. Again, so excited about her new show. (It's called Smash. Get Excited!)

Well Hello, Nicole! Look at you! She's just so pretty. 

This dress would've been great in another color. COLOR CHOICE PEOPLE, COLOR CHOICE. But seriously, I love her :)

Yaaaay! Octavia Spencer (aka "Minnie Don't Burn Chicken" from The Help) won herself a Golden Globe tonight! This dress looks beautiful on her and is in a BEAUTIFUL color. She is so great.

Piper Perabo was definitely the shocker of the evening. Here's the thing.... this dress was quite impressive. Unique fabric, amazing structure... however I don't think it was very Globes appropriate, and it was a bit see-through and I'm just having mixed feelings. But she is lovely and she definitely made a statement!

Why is she so darling? Why does she look so beautiful in this color? Why is she so skinny after two children? When are my arms going to look like that?!?!?

Not my favorite.

The bodice of Salma Hayek's dress reminded me of the 80's. Not sure why.

Sarah Michelle Geller said her little girl picked out her dress. That is the only reason I'm not going to say anything unkind about it. :)

Tilda wows me every year with her.... interesting.... choices.

This is a great look on Tina. It's one of the best I've seen her hair and makeup. The color is SPECTACULAR on her and I thought she was just lovely!

I'm gonna get on a soap box for a minute. Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses. She is amazing and every time she appears in a movie, it is an Oscar-worthy performance. That being said, I think that every award show should add a new category called "Meryl Streep's Best Performance". She deserves her own category. She is amazing. 

That being said, I REALLY, REALLY needed Viola Davis to win for her role in "The Help". I need her and Octavia to win the Oscars next month. She was so believable that I forgot she wasn't Abilene in real life. 

And what a transformation she showed us tonight! HOW BEAUTIFUL IS SHE?!?

Absolutely amazing! Gorgeous eyes, gorgeous smile, gorgeous dress, gorgeous color!

It's good to be back, people! Leave your opinions and such in the comments!


  1. So you totally had me and my kids laughing at the fruit roll up one! Also, I actually really like the blue tie-die dress, very original and beautiful blue tones!

  2. Couldn't agree more with your take on the night! McPhee looked great, and CAN'T WAIT for Smash!!!

  3. I feel like Jessica Biel also violated the tablecloth rule. Granted her tablecloth was fancy and bedazzled, but still in the end, some one's grandma is seriously missing her tablecloth.

    I am not a fan of the bed head look that Reese and several other stars were sporting this year. To me the touseled look does not say "sexy"-it says, "oh where is my hairbrush?"

    Agreed on the color/dress for Tina Fey!

    Love Debra Messing's look-always classy.

    Stacy Keibler=as gorgeous as her boyfriend George Clooney (that man has aged well, has he not?)

    Jessica Alba-always looks amazing. Maybe she could give out tips to the other guests?

  4. I always love your red carpet rundown. The women in their 40s and up, in particular, looked AMAZING...Tina Fey, Elle MacPherson, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore. All so stunning.

  5. One other's totally not fair how amazing Jessica Alba looks literally right after giving birth. Seriously!?!