Monday, January 30, 2012

Things I'm Trying

I'm trying to wake up every morning and get fully dressed and put shoes on before I start my workday. I always felt that one of the perks to working from home is that I can wear pajamas and work in fuzzy socks and not put on any makeup. However, what happens is that 2:00 rolls around and I realize that my neighbor is knocking on my door and I am in NO SHAPE to make an appearance to the public. Yikes! So, I'm simply trying to get up and put on real-people clothes and even real-people shoes since I've heard that if you have shoes on you'll be more productive. We'll see.

I'm trying to not turn the television on until after the work day. We'll see how that goes. I really love my late lunch with the Ellen show but I'm gonna try to get some housework done during that time.

I'm trying to eat more fresh foods. This baby inside me loves carbs more than I do (I had no idea that that was possible) and I very rarely feel like eating any fruits, veggies, salads, or anything of a healthy nature. I want pasta and pasta and also I would really like some pasta. But today I'm going to try to eat something a little more on the fresh side!

I'm going to try walking. Yes, walking. Something happened last night and it was the most bizarre experience of my life. I was on the couch, my computer was dying, I stood up to go plug it in, I tried to take a step and then..... I fell. My legs didn't work!! My brain told my legs "it's time to walk!" and my legs were like "NO THANK YOU!" and then I hit the floor. I didn't feel dizzy or faint, I never blacked out, I just simply could not work and totally collapsed. Grant came running and helped me... the best way I can explain it is that it was as if my legs were asleep, but I didn't feel it. Thankfully, I mentioned it on the Facebook and lots of people told me that that was something that can happen during pregnancy (something about loose ligaments?) so I don't feel so crazy anymore. But seriously... WEIRD.

I'm trying to not be sad about Chuck ending. Grant and I started watching the show Chuck waaaay back in our very first apartment in Gonzales, Louisiana. It's been "the little show that could" as it has dodged cancellation more times than I can count. Honestly, it wasn't the greatest show in the history of television, but it was one of "our shows" that we've watched together forever and it was a sweet little show with a lot of heart. We didn't want it to end!

I'm trying to take a deep breath this week and realize I can only do so much. I was pretty discouraged at the end of last week. I felt like I wasn't doing all I needed to do for my personal life and my work life and I felt like I was disappointing people. I was having major anxiety about going into this next work week, but I realize I can't please everyone, I can't physically do everything, and some things are not as much of a priority as other things. I CAN'T DO IT ALL. There, I said it. That feels better. :)

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  1. I totally feel you on the carbs - I think I lived off of ramen and pasta the first trimester, but the ability to like "real" food comes back, I promise!