Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yes, I Am Okay!

Apparently I need to write a blog post. Over the last several days, many friends and family have reached out to check on me. In their defense, I haven't blogged since May 31 which is very unlike me. How I've made it to June 17th without writing anything is beyond me! Yes, I am okay! We are still here and everything is fine. We are healthy :)

We have been BUSY. I think I have SO MUCH to blog about that I'm overwhelmed by it all, coupled with the fact that I have been super bad at taking pictures. I've had not one, not two, but THREE baby showers since my last post and I was really bad at documenting them photographically and I feel bad blogging about them without showing pictures. I know my words will not do them justice! They are all so unique and precious and beautiful and the details people put into these things are astounding. Talk about blessed!

After the last and final shower, I just wept. I could not believe how much people blessed us. Our little Ellie girl seriously has everything that she needs. Everything. And then some. We are beyond blessed and thankful and grateful and appreciative and overwhelmed by the kindess of our friends and family and the provision of our Lord.

I will blog about each of these showers throughout the week and show the few pictures I have that I have stolen from other people :) My sincerest apologies to the hostesses who worked so hard and deserve so much more than what I will be able to verbalize on this here blog!

I just wanted to drop in and say HELLO and I'm ALIVE and Ellie is GROWING and WE ONLY HAVE SIX WEEKS LEFT AT THE MOST till we meet her and OH MY GOODNESS.


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