Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Strep Positive

We just can not seem to get healthy around here, y'all.

Yesterday I was feeling worse by the minute. I knew I was going down. I went to an urgent care and learned quickly that I have Strep.

To be honest, I was kind of glad it was Strep because my first thought was YAY DRUGS. I am a fan of modern medicine. More specifically, I am a fan of the antibiotic. So I hopped right on that train. I started the drugs 24 hours ago and I'd say my pain level has decreased by 90%. So thankful. 

And then there's this girl...

She is ALL TODDLER. She wants to walk everywhere and doesn't want to be carried. While this is cute, it is also quite problematic as she pays no mind to the intended destination. For instance, while I was taking the photo above I was repeatedly saying "Let's go to the car, Ellie. Ellie Paige... this way! This way, Ellie, let's get in the car!". And she just kept walking up and down the sidewalk, ignoring me. Don't try to hold her hand, and don't you dare try to pick her up. MIND OF HER OWN, Y'ALL.

Oh you, know, just enjoying some milk while watching her fave show. 

My sister is now a trunk keeper for Matilda Jane Clothing. LORD HELP ME. The clothes. I can't stop. Seriously.  Anyways, the other day we stopped by my sister's house and Jaclyn (Trunk keeper #615, y'all) informed me that this release included a hat that she felt Ellie really needed to try on. So then this happened:

It's just more than I can handle.

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