Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Last 3 Days

At what age is it safe to administer cold medicine to children? Cause that needs to be now.

My poor pumpkin girl has had a head full of snot for 3 days and 3 nights. All day. All night. Her eyes and nose are just pouring out all day, which has been fun. But the real miserable part of it all is night time. The girl can't breathe. You can hear her trying to breathe and she just can't. So she moans and cries in her sleep. Add on to this that she is getting 2 new bottom teeth and this is just getting pitiful.

There was a moment last night, at 1:00am, where she was so worked up and so miserable and just couldn't breathe at all, so we sat on the couch together and snuggled and watched Bubble Guppies. Her congestion is making her talk funny, which is pretty cute. Anyways... I'm just praying that this ends soon. We haven't slept for several hours in a row in several days, which makes me not so functional during the day. Ellie was a ridiculously easy newborn when it came to sleep, so I feel like maybe we are getting our payback now!

I'm currently on a cleanse. I think I'm on Day 11. It's all running together. All I know is that I haven't had a Diet Coke in 11 days (LORD HELP US ALL) and I haven't had good food either. I'm seeing results though, and my lower back has stopped hurting. I am pretty sure there were some kidney stones just waiting to happen. I'm drinking 10 cups of water a day right now so hopefully all of that madness won't occur!

Grant is currently hunting with my brother-in-law (it's duck season, y'all) but I'm very much looking forward to this afternoon after he gets home. After a week of a clingy, sicky toddler, I'm going out for some alone time. I don't know what I'll do... perhaps I'll read a book. Perhaps I'll Christmas shop. Maybe I'll go get a pedicure. The world is my oyster!

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  1. So sorry your sweet Ellie is under the weather-- hoping she feels much better soon!

    And you absolutely deserve a Mama's Day Out once Grant is home-- you may even get crazy and Christmas shop PLUS get a mani/pedi. I bet I sure would! :)