Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's Too Darn Cold

Happy Thursday to you! We are having another blast of wintry weather here in Houston. We really don't know quite how to function in times like these and I've pretty much been all cooped up in the house all week. It's too cold outside and all the bundling up and un-bundling to get in and out of the car is enough to do me in.

Thankfully, we did get out of the house yesterday for a little playdate. Me and Lindsey chatted and drank Starbucks and shopped at Francesca's while Ellie and little Maeve danced with each other side by side in their strollers. They are the cutest. We did let them run around in the little children's play area. My daughter is getting a little too brave for my liking. I can not keep up with her and all her little shenanigans. 

Right now I'm sitting in my favorite chair, drinking coffee and blogging as a way to re-start my day. It's only 9:15am, but we had a pretty rough start this morning. I woke up on the wrong side of bed, or maybe I just woke up. Not sure, but I needed to hit re-start and soon! I made myself a healthy bowl of oatmeal (so good in this weather!) and then I promptly made it unhealthy by adding the goodness that is brown sugar. Because, yes. 

I was about to type that Ellie was being sweet and playing quietly and contently all by herself but she must have sensed that I was about to write that and decided to fix that problem by becoming needy.

So, I gotta go, but I leave you with this amazingness:

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