Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ellie's First Day of School

Last year, Ellie went to Mother's Day Out one day a week. She loved it, she played, had fun, had lunch, had a nap, and came home. Easy Peazy. This year, I've enrolled her in 2 days a week, and we are just in a whole different ballgame. 

First of all, she's moved upstairs with the rest of the big kids, which is more than I can even handle. She's just a tiny infant baby girl, right?! She can't be upstairs with the big kids! Secondly, this new class is much more like preschool. She is learning letters, numbers, she has music class and Spanish class.... they gave me a take home folder for everyday that tells me how she did that day and what they worked on... and on the calendar they handed out, it appears there will be a Thanksgiving presentation and Christmas parties and such. This all made me laugh very hard... especially since the "Art & Literacy" part of the class schedule was also paired with "Change Diapers".

Honestly, I'm thrilled for her and I know she will have a great year. Her teachers seem awesome! Plus, last year she changed so much from September to May... I can only imagine what her little personality will be like at the end of this school year.

Here's the traditional "First Day of School" pictures!

When did she get so big?! Seriously.

Also, just for a fun comparison, this is my preschool picture... we look a little bit alike :)

She seemed to have a good day... she was a little clingy at drop off but they said she quickly calmed down after I left. They also said she did not nap, but did lay there calmly and quietly the whole time so they felt like she rested. I brought her home and she slept for 2 hours and I had to wake her up! She was exhausted. Sometimes I think she just gets too excited.

So what did I do yesterday? I went to the gym and ran the track, I came home and showered and got ready and took my dear sweet time doing that, I cleaned up my bathroom counters and reorganized the drawers and cabinets, I did some writing and drank some coffee and caught up with a few friends and sisters that I've needed to catch up with... and then I went and picked up my girl! It was a great day. Super productive and I am a fan of that.

Side note: Her outfit is Matilda Jane Clothing. Did y'all know my sister is a trunk keeper? Here's a link to her Facebook page.. this new release (just released yesterday) may quite possibly be my favorite one yet. I want all of it. Even the adult pieces! Click over and take a look... that little fox sweater is just darling.

Happy School Year to you and yours!

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  1. What a cutie! It is crazy what the littles learn in preschool/MDO these days! My future SIL called last night to tell us that our 18 month old niece is learning MANDARIN-- what the hay? I kind of already can't wait to see your coverage of the Thanksgiving presentation and Christmas parties-- those kinds of events absolutely fuel my baby fever!