Sunday, September 28, 2014

Getting My Act Together

Agh! I didn't blog all week! Sometimes things just start to get out of hand. And sometimes all your television shows return to you and Fall premieres lure you in and you're so glad to have all your fictional characters back in your life. And sometimes as a result I start slipping back into laziness. But then I have a really great, rejuvenating weekend that snaps me back into place.

We just got back from a lovely weekend in Louisiana. We visited with family and Ellie played and played and played and we met a sweet new dog named Atticus and ATE SO MUCH WONDERFUL FOOD. Grant's mom is a jewel and sent us home with chicken and sausage gumbo. This was perfect as we got home to see we have no groceries in the house. So I whipped up some rice and we are now watching football while eating gumbo and I'm planning my week. It's the best kind of night. Ellie never napped today so she is incredibly unconscious in her bed and I don't expect to hear from her till about 9am tomorrow.

I have a lot on the agenda this week and I'm trying to eat healthier (boo) so I'm going to start a grocery list and some meal planning and day planning and all that fun adult stuff. I do feel that I would be even more motivated to get my act together if the weather was a bit cooler. My sweet sister-in-law gave me a darling scarf this weekend and I am pretty sure I'm going to wear it this week no matter what the weather. But it would sure make more sense if it were below 85 degrees, ya know what I mean?

I will be welcoming Fall this week regardless of the temperature. My Fall decor will slowly make an appearance and the CrockPot will be back in full swing along with my Fall candles. Sometimes Summer overstays his welcome. SUMMER: MOVE THE HECK ON.

I bought some cute sweaters that I want to wear.

And boots. Oh, boots. I have missed you.

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  1. I basically could have written this same post today. Getting back on track today! And, now I'm motivating knowing I'm not alone on the meal planning/healthy diet/exercise/fall decor/get your life together train. Let's do it!