Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Family Activities

Here's what we've been up to:

Ellie: Singing into her Sofia microphone. Feeding imaginary food to stuffed animals. Dancing. Requesting the same thing repeatedly - about 47 times every half hour. Refusing to eat. Being adorable. Saying new things. Watching "Despicable Me" approximately 900 times per week. ("Watch the minions, Mommy? Minions? Minions, Mommy? Again, Mommy, Minions?") Going to school twice a week. Giving me a report on each child in the class and telling me whether or not he/she cried and whether or not he/she pooped. Coloring. Play-Doh. Singing and making up words to new songs. Demanding different food than what I have served her. It's a charmed little life she lives.

Grant: Working his butt off. End of quarter was last week so he is still detoxing from all that. Being a great husband and a great daddy. Taking Ellie to feed the ducks and such. He's also been spending some time doing a little activity called "Flounder Gigging." Basically, he drives to the coast really late at night... wades into the water... and sticks a knife in sleeping fish. And then he drives back home somewhere around 2 or 3 am. It's good times, apparently. However, I've been quite sad about it as whenever he says the word Flounder, I think of this little friend:

And that is just a tragedy.

Grant has also been doing a lot of the cooking here at the house lately and I have thoroughly been enjoying that little change of pace. Otherwise, he is watching football and just being the handsomest.

Jen: Aside from my daily allergy medicine upkeep, I am staying indoors as much as possible and patiently waiting for the legit cool temps to arrive. My use of the word "patiently" might be arguable. I am playing with Ellie and tending to her every whim and feeling. I've been writing. I've been running. I had been running 2-3 times per week but that is kinda halted right now as yesterday I was running and I felt something not pleasant in the side of my knee. I immediately went to Dr. Google and all his spot-on, never-wrong wisdom and learned that it's quite possible I have something called IT Band pain which is totally to be expected of someone like me who is a reputable and competitive athlete. Anyways, I'm just taking it easy for a few days and not running anymore which isn't that hard to give up to be honest.

I've been watching my shows and folding laundry and planning a going away party for our sweet friends who are leaving us (I AM SO SAD) and trying to eat better which is good some days and miserable other days.

Last night, for example, Grant asked me if I would be okay with him missing dinner so he could drive down and go flounder gigging. He didn't have to ask me twice. I really needed a night to unwind (this week has been exhausting in so many ways) so he left and I put Ellie to bed and I turned off my phone for a bit and watched "Finding Your Roots" on PBS (because I'm super hip and exciting) and I ordered Chinese food because I NEEDED IT. I NEEDED THE CHINESE FOOD. A sweet, elderly gentleman brought Beef Lo Mein to my doorstep. And also some steamed pork dumplings because I needed to meet the minimum delivery requirement. And he also brought 2 fortune cookies and I ate them both. And I fell asleep on the couch and Grant woke me up when he got home around 1 am and really it was just a stellar night.

I know they say that money doesn't bring happiness but I really think that food does.

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