Sunday, October 26, 2014

So Much Chicken Spaghetti

My darling husband does not have many flaws. He's pretty gosh darn wonderful. However, one big issue in our marriage is that he does not care for Chicken Spaghetti.

Let me just say that again. The man doesn't like Chicken Spaghetti.

Sigh. This is a problem mainly because CHICKEN SPAGHETTI JUST HAPPENS TO BE ONE OF MY FAVORITE MEALS OF ALL TIME. And I can't make it for us to enjoy together cause he really would prefer not to eat it. The horror, y'all. The horror.

Perhaps he feels the exact same way about my dislike for any kind of seafood. He feels I am missing out on some of life's greatest joys. And I agree on my end as well. Chicken Spaghetti is a gift from God and all he has to do is receive it. Why won't he receive it?!

So, when I found out that Grant was not going to be around much on Friday or Saturday, I decided to get my booty to the store to get the necessary ingredients for the glorious Chicken Spaghetti.

Grant was going Flounder Gigging on Friday night with his friend Ricky, and Ricky's darling wife Olga and their baby girl came over to hang out with me and Ellie. So I made the Chicken Spaghetti and there is SO MUCH LEFT OVER so now it's just sitting at the fridge, calling out for me for every single meal.

Fact: A few years ago, Grant was going to be gone for an entire week for work. On Monday night, I made a giant pot of Chicken Spaghetti and ate it all the week long to make up for all the lost time over the last year that I could've made it but didn't. I ate it 5 days in a row. That's how much of it there is.

Tonight we were talking about what we are going to do for dinner. Grant mentioned that he was fine to just eat leftovers and such. Fine by me. Tonight will be serving #4 since Friday of my delicious Chicken Spaghetti.

Here I am with the precious.

A little behind-the-scenes scoop: I handed my phone to Grant and said "I know this sounds weird... but I need you to take a picture of me with this Chicken Spaghetti." Before I could add "I'm writing a blog about it..." he jumped with "That doesn't sound weird. That sounds pretty typical."

Real life, y'all.

Also, I just ran 4.5 miles today and so I'm rewarding myself with carbohydrates galore. 

The bottom line is, this week is off to a fantastic start. 

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  1. oh, this made me laugh. I can soo relate. I dislike seafood too and I don't allow it in my house. My husband is not a fan of some of my favorite foods...mostly soul food types of food. I also ask for the infamous 'picture for my blog' lol. keep on keepin on sista. love it.