Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Curly Sue? Or Little Boy Blue?

We interrupt the ongoing series recapping our Europe trip to bring some very exciting information! It's time for the gender reveal, ladies and gents!

When we were pregnant with Ellie, I thought she was a boy, and Grant knew from the beginning she was a girl. It took me awhile after her gender reveal to wrap my head around her being a girl. Of course, now, I can't imagine our life without being parents to a curly, girly girl.

With this baby, I've not had a strong feeling either way, but the last few days I've felt strongly that we would be having another girl. I come from a girl house and know that Ellie would have such a special bond in her life if she has a sister. Grant has also felt during this pregnancy that this will be a girl. "I just can't see it any other way" he says. 

While I am a little larger this time around, I am carrying exactly the same as I did with Ellie. This is me on Friday night, headed out for a Mama's Night Out at 16 weeks and some change.

The heartbeat rate has been exactly the same as with Ellie and aside from the extreme fatigue in the first trimester, I haven't noticed any big differences in the pregnancies.

We went to the appointment this morning. I will still have a full anatomy scan at my 20 week appointment, but my doctor allows an elective gender screening ultrasound at 16 weeks for a small fee. I'm impatient so we elected to take advantage of the opportunity! 

The first part of the appointment was a little frustrating as our sweet baby was facing the wrong direction and had their little legs crossed. They were sleeping and it took some creative persuasion to get the little one to unfold those legs. 

And then it was quite clear.

Here's Ellie hugging her little brother.




We. are. shocked.

Ecstatic. Ready for this whole new world! I'm a little intimidated but thrilled to be joining the boy mama club. Grant is over the moon!

We can't wait to meet our little buddy.

And now, the naming game begins!


  1. Congratulations! I'm biased, but I think boy babies are pretty rad! ;)