Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ballet Shoes and Fevers

It's early and a cohesive narrative is just not something in the cards for me right now. I'd like to write but I need to be lazy about it. Commence numbered paragraphs:

1. Yesterday we had lunch with friends and Ellie and the girls played in a giant sandbox. She had a blast. She came home with sand in her hair and her clothes and her everywhere. I put her in the bath as soon as we got home. She still has sand in her hair. And there's sand all over the bottom of my tub. Is it all going to go away, ever? I mean, she had a ball so it was worth it.... but the sand. Wow.

2. For the last 3 days, an awesome team of painters has been in our home! Once we get drapes up and wall hangings in their proper place, I will post pictures. Everything is a lovely Benjamin Moore color called "Revere Pewter" and I am in love. The home feels so fresh and bright. In the words of our sweet painter, Abraham, "it's clean." Agreed. 

3. If I had to wake up another morning and walk into that rust orange bathroom, my days would've started with tears. Orange ain't my cup of tea.

4. Yesterday a woman on our neighborhood Facebook page was offering to give away her daughter's old ballet and tap shoes to a good home. Ellie is starting classes in the Fall, so I jumped at the chance. The woman said she would leave the shoes on her porch and gave me her address. Turns out after a quick look at the Google Maps that we are backyard neighbors. We share a fence! She just met me at the fence and tossed 'em over :) Ellie was thrilled:

5. Ellie woke up way too early this morning, hollering from her big girl bed that she needed to go potty. I walked up the stairs with full intention of telling her that she could go potty but that we needed to go back to sleep because OUR DAY DOES NOT START AT THIS HOUR. Poor darlin, bless her heart, as I helped her out of bed I felt immediately that she was burning up. I checked her temp and sure enough... fever. 


She quickly said "Mommy? I need to watch Baymax."

Motrin has broken the fever and she is okay but I'm pretty sure we're going to have a lay-on-the-couch-and-watch-movies day and I'm not too upset about that. I hope the fever stays away. I hate it so much when she's sick. 

Also, don't ever even think in your head "Man, it's been awhile since my kid has been sick! We've had a few months of healthy!" Don't even think it in your head. Cause the next day, that kid will be going down. 

Off to watch Baymax.....

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