Thursday, September 10, 2015

31 Weeks Pregnant - An Update!

Well, we've officially entered the third trimester and I am rapidly approaching the birth of this sweet little boy. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and I thought I'd share a little update on where we are with the little mister!

At my last appointment I was told that I gained 10 pounds in one month. Oops. However, I've reined myself back in and in the last 2 weeks I've only gained 1 pound. Hooray! My doctor says I am now right on track as far as weight gain is concerned. Let's hope I keep that under control and I don't go crazy in the next few weeks! I do love carbs so much. So, so much.

Sweet Boy is kicking and stretching and doing about 3 hours of karate every day. He is so much more active than his sister was. I actually went to the hospital about 2 weeks ago for monitoring since he went about 3 days without much movement at all. Thankfully everything was okay and he had just changed positions and I just wasn't feeling his usual soccer player moves. It ended up just being a nice, quiet afternoon in Labor & Delivery.

I'm feeling pretty good. I'm sore a lot and my back hurts. I am going to try and schedule a prenatal massage in the next 2 weeks or so to get some relief. I sleep well most of the time, aside from my nightly trip to the bathroom. I try to take a nap when Ellie naps and by the end of the day I am so, so tired and start falling asleep on the couch. I realized the other day that as tired as I am right now in this season, there really isn't much relief in sight. I'm about to enter into about 2 years of being tired! I'm just taking a deep breath and facing it... the sooner we get through it the sooner it's over :)

While my due date is 9 weeks away, I am preparing myself for delivery about 8 weeks from now. We will have a scheduled c-section and that often happens in the 39th week. Technically, it could be even earlier. Ellie was 11 days early. We'll see what happens... oh my goodness we are getting close.

All in all, it's been a really good pregnancy and I am so thankful for the privilege of carrying this buddy boy. He does have a name, but Grant isn't ready to share it just yet with the world wide web, but you'll all know it soon enough.

Here's a pic we took this last Sunday. I was about 30.5 weeks.

I ordered a dresser for him so I can start working on putting clothes away. I've gotten some hand-me-downs from my sister and I need to sort through them and start washing things and getting his room set up. I never thought the concept of nesting was a real thing until I've gone through these 2 pregnancies. I can not explain the strength of the urge that I have to get everything ready. I am cleaning out closets and tackling projects. There is a looming deadline and I am going to make it! Thankfully, Grant realizes that this is just part of how I prepare for our babies, and he is quite the trooper when it comes to helping me get everything ready. I'm so thankful for him.

Ellie is getting more and more excited about becoming a big sister. I feel like she is "getting it" more and more and she talks about her brother a lot. She asks to say good morning to him and she hugs and kisses my belly before bedtime as well. She says "Goodnight baby bruddah! I love you!" She knows he is going to be born at a hospital. She knows she is going to get to hold him and she knows she can help give him a bottle. She knows he is going to ride in the back seat with her. She knows that we are getting his room ready and that he is going to sleep in her old crib. She tells random strangers that she's gonna have a baby brother. She felt him move for the first time the other day and she laughed really hard. It's so sweet! I do think she will have a big adjustment period but all in all I think she's excited about the new adventure!

Oh, what an adventure this will be.....

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