Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Series of Unrelated Things

1. How come laundry is never ending? It's like the fish and the loaves, man. It just continuously multiplies and it is never, ever done. Laundry is the boss of me. In the last year or so I have stayed on top of it more than I ever have as far as how frequently I throw something in the wash... and yet I am still folding big piles of laundry every, single day.

On a more positive note, I have been washing all of Jack's clothes and blankets and folding them and putting them in his little drawers. It's all just the most precious thing ever. Plus, I'm washing it all in Dreft so I'm basically needing to smell each individual piece as I fold it. The little onesies. Oh. I can't take it. I will squish him and he will be my squishy.

2. Speaking of Jack, I just got back from the doctor and it looks like he will be coming the first week of November. (We are having a scheduled c-section, so we get to more or less pick the date, unless he were to come on his own.) If we have him the first week of November, that means that we will be meeting him in about 40 days, give or take a few. FORTY DAYS, Y'ALL. How is it possible to be SO joyously excited and SO panicked all at the same time?! It's pretty much 90% joy and happiness and like 10% anxiety attack. I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks to check his position, and then after that I start going once a week. This trimester has flown by. Goodness gracious.

3. THE SHOWS ARE BACK, Y'ALL. We watched Nashville last night and I'm so glad that Deacon is okay. I mean, I never really doubted it, but I was able to take a big sigh of relief once I knew for certain. And I am going to need Juliette to pull herself together and put on her big girl panties and stop being such a brat. There, I said it, I feel better. And tonight is a very big night on ABC for all the big Shonda shows and I am suckered in, hook, line and sinker. I've been watching Grey's Anatomy since the very first night it ever aired. Honestly, I am ready for that show to move on but I can't stop watching now. I've got to see it through to the end, whenever that might be. I'll probably have grandchildren and we'll all be watching Zola Shepherd-Grey become Chief Resident as she deals with her childhood trauma and scars from her daddy dying and her mother being so dark and twisty.

4. Ellie has "Pet & Vet Day" today at school. A veterinarian is coming to talk to them about taking care of animals, and several people are bringing their pets up to school for the children to pet and look at. We had the option of bringing Moxie, but I chose not to as he is not especially drawn to children and also I don't want all his dog hair in my car. I asked Ellie on the way to school this morning what animals she thought she would be seeing today. "Oh, I gonna see puppies and kitties. And giraffes and hippos and a lion."

I sure hope not. But, perhaps a hamster?

5. We have officially entered the season of Fall as far as the calendar is concerned, but the weather has not taken note. It is still very, very hot. I was telling a friend of mine yesterday (who is even more pregnant than me) that when I found out I was due in November, I envisioned all the cute Fall clothes I would wear as I neared the end of my pregnancy. "A November baby!", I thought to myself. "It'll be so different from the end of my pregnancy with Ellie. No tank tops and flip flops, this time. I'll be wearing scarves and boots and it won't be so hot. What a nice change!"

Um, no. It is remaining hot. I am in capris and short sleeves every day and I sweat all the time. There are no scarves or boots in my life. No cute maternity sweaters. I am continuing with the tank tops.

I feel like if you look back at the 8 or so years that I've had this blog, probably 50% of the content is just me complaining about the heat. Forgive me.

Happy Thursday, y'all. I hope wherever you are, it's cooler than it is here!

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