Friday, June 8, 2007

Forgive Me

You'll have to excuse me, but I feel the need to release my feelings about Paris Hilton being released from prison. I have to say that I am quite ashamed that I care enough about the entire situation to dedicate an entire blog entry to it, but I am royally irked!!

When Paris was first sentenced to jail time, she said that she did not want any preferential treatment, but she did not want to be treated any worse. I'd say that being released from prison for "undisclosed medical reasons" is preferential treatment. To quote my dear friend Tiffany, "Since when was being a spoiled, rich, entitled brat a medical affliction??". Rumor has it that this "medical issue" was diagnosed by her psychiatrist, who says the medical issue is a mental one. Apparently he felt that she was on the edge of having a nervous breakdown. Um... yeah. It's jail. You're supposed to be crying alot.

You don't think that those women who have been in there for MONTHS have not had a nervous breakdown or two? Or three? They haven't been sent home!! And I also read that apparently there are other wings of the prison that cater to those with mental issues. Maybe she could go there.

So now she's on house arrest. She can't leave her home for forty days. Whoop-de-freaking-doo. That does not matter. All her friends will come party over at her house. She can have 80 people, including P.Diddy and whoever else she wants to come have a rave at her house if she wants to. Everything can just come to her. She can turn her home into a nightclub.

Bottom line, she just didn't like being in jail. And she wanted to go home. And her rich lawyer found a way. Clearly, justice is not as blind as it is supposed to be.

Okay, I'm done now :)

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