Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wonderful Weekend :)

Hey there guys and gals.... the hubby and I had a splendid, relaxing, fun weekend. Friday night we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I'm not really into that genre at all, and I didn't see the 2nd movie. It wasn't my favorite film but it was entertaining. It was about 45 minutes too long as well but it was a good Friday night movie.

Saturday we slept in and got some work done around the house. Grant was Mr. Fix-It and sanded, spackled, and repainted the floorboards that Moxie chewed when we first got him. Saturday night we went with our neighbors (Holla to the Stanleys and the Mallonees!!) to get some GOOD mexican food. Coming from Houston, it has been really hard to get some good Mexican food here in Baton Rouge. But we went to a place called Casa Maria that I will definitely be going to again. AND they had Sangria Margaritas and for that I am truly grateful.

This morning Grant and I went to church and learned about forgiveness. We learned that grace is more than enough and I am reminded once again of how imperfect I am and how beyond perfect God is. Cool stuff.

I've spent most of my afternoon doing laundry, grocery shopping, and we plan on watching a movie tonight on the couch. Should be fun. Grant and I have one more nice relaxing weekend (next weekend) and then it is travel travel travel for a month.

June 15-17 Weekend- We will be in Florida for Ricky and Olga's wedding. Grant is Ricky's best man and we are also singing/playing at the wedding.

June 22-24 Weekend- I will be in Houston for Joanna's bachelorette/lingerie shower. HOLLA! It's also my Jojo's birthday and we will be celebrating AMEN!

June 29-July 1 Weekend- Grant and I will be in Houston AGAIN for a family reunion that is non-optional. Oh joy, Oh rapture.

July 6-8 Weekend- Praise the Lord and Hallelujah- Joanna Katherine is getting married!!! John boy will officially make her a MRS. and then take her to Montana, where she will now be known as Joanna Montana!

So we have alot ahead of us but hope to be in high spirits at the end of it all. So many happy things are happening this summer and we are so glad we get to be a part of them all. Have a WONDERFUL week!

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  1. Oh i love you!! I miss you so much!! And...i just loved making it to the calander on your blog...holla!!! Its almost time to see my sweet JD!!!
    Have a great week and know that i am so thankful for you!!