Monday, July 16, 2007

Smelly Smell

Friday morning at work, I smelled a strong chemical smell. The attorney smelled it too. It was straight up awful. We located the origin of the smell to our office next door, it was chlorine. Alot of it. Our eyes were burning and the attorney started to feel nauseous. We had every door open trying to air out the smell, so therefore it was hot and smelly. It was so awful, we all just decided to go home early! :) So Friday I got off work at 10:30am! What a wonderful surprise!

I used Friday to get some things done. I got my car title switched over to a Louisiana title and I now have Louisiana license plates. That was humbling, cause I'm truly a Texas girl at heart and I don't drive with Texas pride anymore! Also, to get a Louisiana title I had to pay $500. For reals. Friday night Grant and I drove into New Orleans to have a double date with Grant's parents. We saw "License to Wed" which is really cute.

Saturday was a very nice day. I slept in and got stuff done around the house. We ate leftovers, and Saturday night we drove to Biloxi, Mississippi to have dinner with the Teeters family. They living in Birmingham, Alabama so we never see them. It was wonderful to actually sit and visit with Chris and Dawn. They are a wonderful, godly, mentoring couple for us. We got back to Baton Rouge around 3am. :) But it was well worth it.

Okay, so my precious sister-in-law, Ronda, took me to her aerobics class with her yesterday. It KICKED MY BOOTY. I am so so sore this morning!! I can hardly walk and making the bed was not an easy task! I'm glad I'm doing it though. I would really like it if I didn't jiggle so much! :)

In a few minutes, I'll go to work, but I am stopping at the vet on the way. Our little Moxie is getting neutered today. His surgery is at 10:00 this morning and then he will be in ICU over night. I will pick him up tomorrow on my way home from work. Poor little buddy! He has no idea that he has such a big day today.

I'm trying 2 new things for dinner this week. I found some recipes online that I'm trying, so we'll see how it goes, and see how Grant likes it! Tonight I'm making a casserole which includes, chicken, cheese, rice, broccoli, white bread, and ritz crackers. Tomorrow night involves a pizza crust, ground beef, cheese, peppers, and something else that I can't remember right now. I'm just proud of myself for trying something new!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. What benefit does having a Louisiana title serve? I don't blame you for being sad about losing your Texas plates though!

    I hope you're doing well!

  2. Mmmm...both of those new recipes sound good!!

    And glad you had some quality friend time this weekend! I just love those days.

  3. Well, that is just fun that you got to go home early! :)

    And, I am so proud of you for trying new dinner things. You little homemaker you!!!!

    Love you!