Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Three Years

Three years ago today, I had my first date with my husband. It was also the first time I ever saw him! Yep, Grant and I had a blind date!

I remember when he got out of the car. I was looking out the window, anxiously to see what he looked like. He got out of the car wearing a baby blue polo shirt and khaki pants. And he was carrying 6 gerber daisies :) (Smooooth!). I said "Oh, mom, he's cute!". She looked out the window too and said "Oh, he IS cute!". To which I replied "Oh great, now I'm nervous!!". Little did I know that night that I was on my last first date.

We ate at Lupe Tortilla and then went to a John Mayer concert. We sat on a sleeping bag on the grass and listened to the music and talked. I remember thinking that our conversation was flowing so easily and that I thought he had the prettiest blue eyes I'd ever seen. When we got back home, he kissed my cheek and told me he'd like to take me out again.

I'm so glad Ronda set us up on a date, and I'm so glad that God put us together at just the right time. His plan is so much greater than anything we could ever think up on our own.

Three years later we are married, happily, living in Louisiana (Who would have thought that I'd ever EVER leave my Texas?!) and proud parents of a little puppy dog. God is SO good and looking at where I am today just proves how much I should continue to trust Him. He never fails to dissapoint! I am so thankful for July 24, 2004! :)


  1. how sweet! keep on trusting! I think it is so important for us to recall the things He has done for us for that very reason! It builds trust!!

  2. Isn't it great to go on last first dates and not even know it at the time? I remember mine .. August 17, 2002 ... So cool!

  3. Oh now wasn't that just precious!!! I almost teared!! I love you jenny beth and i love the journey our good Lord has taken you on...what a trip :)

  4. This was just sweet. I was a happy girl for you that day. :)

  5. A blind date!! Love it!

    Too precious!