Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Babies

There are 3 little girls who live in Texas: My nieces! These 3 gorgeous, adorable little ones light up my life. Let me explain why:
Juliet: The Passionate One

Juliet and her twin sister Scarlett were born on May 31, 2006. When Juliet is happy, she's very happy. When she's angry, she's very angry. She'll clench her little fists and grit her teeth and kinda growl at you. :) Between her and her twin sister, Juliet walked first (not by much) and she definitely has more hair. She has gorgeous long eyelashes and has the cutest little teeth you've ever seen. When she sees someone she hasn't seen in along time (Grammy & Pops) she flaps her arms really fast and squeals. Her newest trick though is when she sees something she wants, such as a chocolate milkshake, she points at it and says "Dis" (which means THIS) over and over again. She giggles and is very quick on her feet. She is pretty much running now!

Scarlett: The Clown

Oh, my little Scarlett. Scarlett, the firstborn of the two twins (by just a few seconds) is our little entertainer. She is bald and beautiful. She makes funny faces and silly noises and she thinks everyone is funny, especially her mommy. She says words now (like "bye-bye" and "ball"). Scarlett seems to understand alot of what you're saying as well. If you say, "Scarlett, where's Juliet?" she will turn and look at her sister, and then she'll giggle. She's a bit more clingy to people she knows. She is very protective of her Grammy. She is truly a little ball of joy.

Grace: The Parker

Baby Grace was born on May 2, 2007. She looks just like her Daddy, but when she smiles I think she has her Mommy's eyes. Grace's middle name is Parker, but sometimes we call her "The Parker". Or just Parker. Sometimes her parents wonder if she'll be called Parker instead of Grace. Aunt Jenny thinks she'll call her both. Grace is a little princess. She really doesn't like being cold and pretty much won't tolerate it. If she's fussy, she is easily calmed down by her mommy. If Jaclyn holds Grace right up to her face, Grace calms down. She likes to wear pink and loves to sleep, just like her mom. Also, Grace does this thing where she will sneeze two times, and after the 2nd sneeze she coos. It's really cute. It's as if she is saying "Wow, that was really some hard work!". She really loves her Aunt Jenny since she was her very first babysitter. Thank you very much.

My girls are precious to me and I miss seeing them. I can't wait till one day I can call to their houses and talk to them on the phone and they can tell me all about their day. And I will continute to spoil them with gifts, cause I'm cool Aunt Jenny! In the course of one year, I went from having no nieces at all, to THREE! God blessed me so much my giving me these precious girls. Praise the Lord, the Giver of ALL good things!


  1. Too cute, Jen...your nieces are adorable! You're making me miss my lil' niece so much right now; I need to do a post on her too! Hope all is well, have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my heavens they are adorable!!!

  3. These babies are precious!! I love your pics. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Girl I changed my name in kindergarten. EVERYONE was Jennifer and I had to break that mold. I came home one day and announced to my mother that my name was not Jennifer any more! She is the only one that still calls me Jennifer. I wouldn't even answer to it when I was little. When Forest Gump came out I sort of regretted the name change. Oh well!
    I will be visiting your blog! Girl it says you are a newlywed...hope your first year was better than mine...ha ha! No but really, my man and I will both tell you it is Jesus that kept us together! :)

  4. Could they be any more precious!

    I just wanna squeeze em'!

    Love you, Miss Louisianna!;)

  5. ummm those babies are just too cute!!! seriously they just make me laugh!!! I love the swim trunks :) ahhaha!!!
    I love you!!! Cna't wait for our chat night...tonight!!!