Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm Alive!!

Good morning! It's Tuesday, and I haven't updated since Thursday. I do apologize! Things have been crazy around here! I have had houseguests since Thursday night, and Friday-Monday those guests were my parents, my sister, and my 3 month old niece! I took yesterday (Monday) off of work for my birthday. I had a wonderful, wonderful weekend. It was so nice to have my family in Baton Rouge. I ate way too much ya'll. Cheesecake is so good.

I will post ALOT of pictures later, I just wanted to announce that I am still breathing. By the way, my sweet husband got me a massage chair for my birthday!! I am LOVING it, and loving him!

Please pray for him. It is SO hot outside, and Grant's job has him outdoors and in ATTICS the entire day. Yesterday he came home from work absolutely exhausted and with the beginnings of a fever. Just pray that the Lord would send a breeze every now and then!

I'll post pictures tonight. Have a great Tuesday ladies!


  1. Can't wait to see pictures!! :)

    And a massage chair?!?! Your husband knows you well. :)

    I love you!

  2. Oh girl i am dying for some pictures :)

    Grantley you're so smart!!

    I love you J.D.!!