Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A List Because I'm Lazy

1. I bought something at the grocery store yesterday that has changed our lives. It's the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. CHANGED MY LIFE. It picks up the equivalent of 145 of the lint roller sheets. I played with it all night. I mean, we love our sweet little Moxie boy, but his hair covers our life and everything in it! We can still use the lint roller for clothes, etc. but this works great on the furniture! I got it at Kroger for $4.99, but I also used a coupon for $2.00 off. To get the coupon (and see an instructional video!) click here and scroll down. There is a button on the left for the coupon.

2. Last week, my Chi iron broke. And by broke, I mean that one of the hot metal plates busted lose and is flapping dangerously in the wind. I never realized how much I desperately depended on this silly little thing, but I don't think I've worn my hair up in a bun or pony tail so many days in a row in my whole life. No chi + Houston humidity = wacky hair! So I've been meaning to go buy a new one but I just don't know if I can fork over the dough.

What flat iron do you use? Do you like it? How much was it? Would you recommend it? I'm open to trying new things, even though the Chi has worked for me forever. Spill it, girls.

3. I've gotta give the Lord some praise today! I feel like often we blog about praising Him through the storm, praising Him even when He doesn't give us the answer we would like. But can we go ahead and give Him some praise for when He absolutely just blows our socks off?!? When He answers our prayers with a mighty and loud YES!!! He is a God who provides, a God who loves us so much and He loves us so generously. He protects and He cares about what is on our hearts.

Grant and I were a bit nervous about something yesterday morning and did one of those "Lord, we're not going to beg here, but PLEASE oh please oh please oh PLEASE do NOT LET THAT HAPPEN, please please Oh-sweet-Jesus PLEASE!!!" prayers. And let me tell you, our Jesus just said "Okay". :) PRAISE HIM!

He is GOOD and worthy to be praised. We praise Him in the storm and we praise Him for His "No" and "Maybe" answers, but there ain't nothing wrong in praising Him for His YESSES too!

4. This song moves me inside like nothing has in a very long time. Then I found this Youtube video that just makes it all the more real. It's worth the few minutes. When I am in the middle of a long work day and I'm starting to get to the point where I'm making things all about me, this song re-centers me and gets my mind back in the right place.

5. Tonight is the finale of The Biggest Loser. I dare you to watch an episode of that show without crying. And I'm pretty sure I'll shed some tears tonight! I feel like it is one of the few shows on television that is really doing something good! Not only is it changing the lives of the people that are on the show, but it makes the home viewer feel like such a lazy bum that half of America is thinking about maybe getting their butts off the couch and maybe taking a walk around the block for once!

6. I'm very thankful for Grant. Yes, I am madly in love with him and think he's adorable and funny and he's my best friend, but also, I'm very thankful for him. He helps me out so much in this crazy thing called life. We are a good team and he sacrifices alot for me and I just felt like I should publicly proclaim how thankful I am for him :)

So...this post was everywhere. Comments on your hair straighteners below please!!


  1. Hey Girl,
    I love to check up on you on your blog! You are too cute and your stories are hilarious!

    Today I had to comment because my chi died and girl I feel your pain! Those things are so expensive but I just needed one so bad...I found one on amazon for $30.00!!! It was brand new! Check it out!

    Britt Carrier

  2. lady, I cannot live without my chi. I went through probably 6 inferior cheapo brands before finally begging my husband for a real chi. I am in love with mine.

    On our honeymoon, my straightener kind of exploded the transformer in our hotel room, so I had to spend two weeks in Paris with frizz. Not good for photos. All this to say, chis are the best. Maybe ebay it to find a cheaper one?

  3. Jenny, I am sorry but the chi is going to have to be replaced. I have fought this internal fight that you are fighting 3 times now, but the purchase of a new chi is required. I am sorry to tell you this, but it cannot be avoided.

  4. Ok. I've never owned a chi, but have been given a random assortment of straighteners and my FAVORTIE so far is the ConAir Infiniti.
    I have a FULL, THICK head of LONG hair and my straightening is seriously done in under 5 minutes. NO LIE.
    I highly recommend checking out the Consumer Reviews on it. You have to have a subscription, but ask around and you can use someone elses.
    When my sister looked up straighteners on it she found that Chi actually came in around 4th place and that MUCH cheaper straighteners came in before it.
    I'll ask her about it. If she remembers I'll get back to you!
    Good luck!

  5. You're right, Sal..
    ConAir Infiniti placed first overall (i think).

  6. girl my chic hairdryer went out last week too, and I'm dying! I hate that they are sooo expensive!