Friday, May 29, 2009

Closet Issues

First of all.... I have to say that you all know me all too well. I was thinking that possibly my description of a woman in white patent-leather peep-toe pumps and white gold-toed tube socks would make you say "That just sounds too outrageous", but y'all know that nothing is too weird in my office elevators. The answer is that I did NOT wake up on time. Somehow, I DID get alot of work done yesterday, despite all the madness!

On to today's topic... CLOSETS.

Our closet right now is just a hot mess. It's clean, and everything is in a place, but y'all, it is just so cramped in there. Our one bedroom apartment has one small closet for 2 people. Hanging up clothes is quite the chore. Just to hang up a shirt can be a catastrophe... things start falling from the sky and other clothes fall off the rack... it is so hard to stay organized!

I CAN be an organized person if I have a system and if everything has a place. AND I need to have room to put things. This squished setting is not working for me. One time our entire rack fell off of the wall.

My shoes are hanging in a rack over the door, I have 3 drawers that hold my jeans and sweatshirts, my purses are in some bins way up high, and my clothes are hung up in groups of shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, dresses. But even with all that organization, it is just too cramped in there!

So, in our house hunt, one of the big things on my check list is a nice closet space. I'm not asking for anything massive or one of those mega closets that you could park a car in... but it would be nice to have a closet where Grant and I could hang our clothes up without ducking for cover.
If I had a closet that was spacious and functional, I feel that I would be a happier person, especially in the morning. And I wouldn't hate doing laundry so much.
I'll leave you with some of my dream closets. They make me so happy!

Aren't they beautiful!??!


  1. Oh, I feel your closet pain. MINE IS TOO SMALL. I just go crazy all the stinkin' time! And, I think it's about to get smaller. What's a girl to do??

    But oh, those last two closets. Completely in my dreams...

  2. I don't know how you do the one bedroom apartment with two people! I live in a one bedroom apt and it is a cracker jack box for even this lonely soul! I need a room the size of my tiny bedroom just to use as a closet. May I introduce you to my best friends...

    the closet hangs from your hanger pole to give you another rack.

    the hanger that holds 4 pairs of pants (mine holds 5 or 6) and the skirt hanger that does the same.

    Let me not forget Elvis..he's a life size cut out. He holds hats and scarves. When you live alone you can get away with almost anything right?

    I hope your search goes well Jenny!!! In the mean time wear a helmet in your closet to avoid injury:)

  3. I was reading this in bloglines and thought that those were actual pictures of your closet. I was SO jealous!!!
    At least I know you are still the normal Jen that I know.

    But, if you ever get those closets, you are totally hired to come do mine.

  4. OMG, I am so feeling the cramped closet right now, it makes me feel like such a disorganized person, but we simply don't have many organization options in such a little space!!

    I love the part about the entire rack coming off the wall, how did I NOT hear about that story?! lol

    Lovessss you!!!


  5. I really couldn't look at those pix of the closets because I was overcome with pure jealousy. ;)

    Love ya girlie. Happy weekend!

  6. droooooool! those are beautiful! girl, I feel your pain about laundry. I HATE laundry. OK, so it's not the doing the laundry that's such a pain, it's the putting it away. Especially when you live in a Scamp. yup.

  7. I can wash/dry if i don't have to hang up or fold or put away! My closet is 2-3 times larger than my darling husbands and I still can't control it. I just realized...the baby has a bigger closet than Sergio. What does that say?