Friday, March 18, 2011

Hi, My Name is Jen, and I Don't Know How to Sew

Oh, friends. Friends, friends, friends.

The tenth commandment says that we are not to covet. In other words, don't be jealous. As the teenagers say it, "DON'T BE JELLY!"

Hi, I'm Jen the Newlywed, and I feel old. I just started a sentence with "As the teenagers say it...". Wow, I might as well start calling them whippersnappers. Those crazy kids! Hooligans!

Back to my point (I have one, I promise) and my point is this:


If you've been a resident of blog world for any period of time, then you know what I'm talking about. These people seem like they can do it all.

I need lessons. I need help. I need a mentor.

I need to be able to start a craft project without having the mindset of "I bet I can get this done in 3 minutes or less". I am Speedy Gonzales when it comes to crafts and they are MESSY. I am creative and artsy..... but more in the musical sense.

I can sing you a song like no one's business. I can sing with Celine-Dion-style hand movements and fist pumps. Especially when I sing "Circle of Life" from the Lion King. THAT IS CREATIVITY LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT.

But if you ask me to scrapbook, I will scotch tape 2 photos onto a blue piece of paper and call it a day.

My question is this...

If you are like me and are NOT crafty, do you also feel jelly of the people that are?

If you are the opposite of me and you ARE crafty, how do you do it all? And were you born this way? And also, will you teach me to sew? Even just sewing a button on a shirt?

Cause Grant always wants me to sew some buttons and I'm always like "yeah, that would be neat if I knew how to do that".


  1. I can't sew and I don't care. I give the ones who can sew business

  2. i think our sweet, pretty friend trish may be able to teach us a thing or two about buttons. : )

  3. girl i am totally with you. i used to be very envious of the craftiness of lots of my girlfriends. i think i am the only girl in our sunday school class (other than cindy rabe) who doesn't own a sewing machine. and a scrapbook... the idea stresses me out. so you aren't alone.

    but i finally realized that we all have different things we are good at. own your fist pumping singing... so few people that gift!

  4. Girl, I am not crafty AT ALL, and I am SO NOT jealous of the people that are! To me, they just spend a lot of extra time and money on crap that I don't give a lick about.

    I CAN sew on buttons though...I'm just sayin'... :)

  5. I tried scrapbooking. I love the finished product, but just don't enjoy doing it. To me it takes too much time. I would rather be doing something else. I am so not crafty, so how did I end up the art "teacher"??? LOL All I gotta say is YAY for those people, but I am not one of them. I am also SO not jealous of them. For me, crafts is a waste of least MY time. No offense to the crafty people out there.

  6. Not crafty. Not jelly.

    More importantly, this blog post is a work of art.

  7. Well, I'm extremely crafty and I can sew. I used to think everyone could do this. It was no big deal to me. Kinda like "everyone can ride a bike" mentality. I can decorate a house w/o even thinking much about it. In fact, when I walk into someone's house I mentally start decorating it right away. Unless, it looks great and then I take notes! But I have never felt like any of this was any big deal. You know....not really a "talent"! Now singing - that's a whole different story. I would love to be able to sing. So would my family - wish I could sing, that is. Cause even though I can't sing - I'm always singing to all my family! They ask me to stop. Please stop they say :) So maybe we just all wish for something we don't have. Maybe God wishes we would just be content with what He gave us and quit wishing we could do other things. But, I still wish I could sing - however maybe my kids/grandkids are right. I need to stick with crafts and decorating! And thank God for those things I CAN do.
    Love your blog!!
    (Ashley McWhorter's mom)

  8. i LOVE your gift and i'm so glad you use it!
    i am weird because i am super creative, but hate scrapbooking and get overwhelmed by sewing (my family would tell you right now that i'm not patient enough for those crafts because they take more than an hour, haha). anyway, keep using your gift boldly and i volunteer to teach you how to sew on a button. it's a project that is actually doable. :)

  9. friend! i hope you got some help here....if not, call me. SERIOUS.

    and for the record, crafty stuff you can learn if you want. practice helps. singing, that's a GIFT that i just can't decide to have. :)