Sunday, October 9, 2011

Highlights of Today

It rained the whole day. Praise Him.

The High 5 kids choir sang in all 3 services. So much fun. They are too cute for words.

My husband got out of bed and got dressed just so he could walk me to my car using his giant golf umbrella as it was storming bad.

I had Starbucks twice today.

The drive to church was super scary. I couldn't get my windshield wipers to go fast enough. 

I parked near a drain so when I got out of my car in the pouring rain, I also stepped right into a flood. Water was almost to my knees! I literally had to pour out my shoes in a bathroom at church. Seriously. Also, I was freezing the rest of the day.

Grant and I ate lunch in the food court of the mall. We also went into Target and bought me a long sleeve shirt and socks before I had to go back to church.

We had a great rehearsal for Christmas this afternoon. I had some really dorky socks on but at least I was warm during rehearsal. 

Long days at church are super fun when you have good friends with you the whole day.  I love choir people :)

I finally got home around 6:30. Grant cooked steak, I made corn and a salad and we sat on the couch together watching the playoff of this weekend's golf tournament and now we're watching Planet Earth. 

I'm so thankful for the rain. And now that I'm home and not going anywhere and not driving anywhere I like it even more. 

Looking forward to a rainy, productive, calm week!

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