Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A $75 Shopping Spree

Sometimes you just need to purchase some items of clothing.

And sometimes you don't want to go into a store. You just want to sit on your couch be in your pajamas and have no makeup on and look at the clothes on people that are much skinnier than you are.

And sometimes Gap and Old Navy have sales on their clearance items. Yes. Clearance items. ON SALE. And you go bonkers and click on all the things and then you finish and you realize that you've purchased EIGHT items for less than 75 American Dollars.

This was about a week ago. My package still hasn't arrived, but here's what I got:

Gap Bowery Supersoft Crew Tee - Navy - I just wanted a Navy top cause it's a good neutral. And I purchased this for $7.99 so it made it even better!

Gap Printed Short-Sleeve Dress - Turquoise - I cleaned out my closets recently and learned how few dresses I have anymore. I don't buy them frequently cause of all the paleness and the cankles. But sometimes you need them, and this dress is a pretty color that I thought would be good for Spring and Summer. And I don't have to dry clean it, which is a big bonus in my book. Another bonus? It was $12.49.

Gap Stripe Raglan Dolman Sleeve - Quince - I honestly don't have anything in this color and it looks lightweight and cute and I got it for $7.99.

Gap 1969 Floral Ankle Zip Legging Skimmer Jeans - Blue Floral - Okay.. here's the deal. These are a bit of a leap for me. This is not something I would usually purchase. But 2014 is all about being brave and taking chances and I might hate these but for $10.49 I thought I'd give them a shot! (Help me out here... I would likely only wear these pants with white, black, grey, etc.... cause I'm not a big risk taker. Could I wear them with other colors?)

Gap Supersoft Tunic - White - I know this is as boring and basic as it gets - but I needed a white tunic. And I love tunics. And I think I need it for those crazy pants I bought. This was $10.99.

Old Navy Printed PJ Sets for Baby - Blue Mosaic - And now we enter into the Ellie portion of our shopping spree. These are just the cutest and were $7.47 thank you very much!

Old Navy Printed Jersey Tunic for Baby - Apple of My Eye- I just thought this was so cute and I kinda have a thing for Butterflies and I thought she could wear this around Valentines Day. And also, EIGHT DOLLARS AND NINETY-SEVEN CENTS.

Old Navy Empire Waist Dresses for Baby - Purple Bird - I just thought this was so sweet. And she could wear it with leggings and in church and to wherever. And this was $6.97.

So, in summary, thanks to the promotional codes and FREE SHIPPING - when you included tax, my total for all of the above items was $73.66.

And I feel pretty good about that.


  1. I want that green polka dot shirt. and ellie's shirt at the bottom. love!

  2. oops i meant stripes - not ellie's pjs. ;)

  3. you could wear those pants with ALL the colors!! Mix it up. Be brave :)