Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Week is Too Long

Grant was gone for a week and we are soooooo glad he is home. He was on a business trip and while we all know that work is important and income is pretty important too.... we are BEYOND glad to have him home. Ellie was asking about him a lot and looking around for him in every room ("'ere Daddy?") and so she was giddy to see him when he finally walked back through the door.

We had a very lovely weekend full of family time and getting household projects accomplished. We also got to enjoy a family dinner to celebrate my sister Jaclyn's birthday and I just love my people. We had a great morning at church and Ellie was so tired she skipped lunch. Seriously. I tried to feed her lunch but she just sat in her high chair saying "Night night, Mommy? Mommy? Night night?"

Thankfully, she ate a giant dinner. I couldn't get food in her fast enough.

Also, I just watched Downton Abbey and I'm gonna need the writers to fix the Anna situation. They need to FIX IT and FIX IT IMMEDIATELY. As if it never happened. It just gets me all riled up.

And then I see this face and I feel better.

Have a great week!

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