Monday, November 3, 2014

It's a New Day

Hello, Monday! Confession: I actually like Mondays. There's something very fresh and clean about them. Clean slate. I'm all about that. And y'all. It's NOVEMBER, y'all.  November! Christmas is nearly here. Time to get my shoppin' on.

I told Grant last week that I wanted to download the new Taylor Swift album. But Grant told me to just listen to it on Spotify. Well, you know what's not on Spotify? Taylor Swift's new album. So this morning, I sat down to drink my coffee and I certainly did download that album onto my iTunes and I'm listening to it now and IT. IS. FANTASTIC.

I'm busy getting my act together and writing out my day plan since we were gone all weekend. We went to New Orleans to visit family and I helped with a baby shower given for a friend. We also had an awesome date night in the city while Ellie got to stay and play with her grandparents. We had dinner at Lilette and then went into the Quarter for dessert.

Here we are at dinner:

And here is my yummy dessert: Cinnamon Coffee and Creme Brulee from The Bourbon House. YES.

Honestly, we had such a fun night. It's been months since we went on a proper date and I was in a new dress and new shoes and it was all just fun.

Unfortunately, the night did end on a frustrating note. We parked in the Quarter and walked around and we were only there for about an hour or so. When we got back to the car, Grant realized he had misplaced his parking ticket. We searched pockets, all over the car, under the seats, and after about 20 minutes we figured we lost it somewhere along the walk. So we drove up to the cashier of the parking lot and explained that we had lost our ticket. AND THEN THE PARKING ATTENDANT INFORMED US THAT A LOST TICKET CHARGE WAS ONE HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS. We had to pay $100 to get out of the parking lot. ONE. HUNDRED. We tried really hard not to let it ruin our night.

Even though my sweet husband told me the next morning that he dreamed about looking for it all night. Sigh.

Happy Monday and Happy November to you, sweet reader!

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  1. Ok, don't hate me, but I don't like T. Swift's new album. :( I really miss her boot-wearin' days! It feels like she has changed SO much since then and I just can't help but think it is a bit unnatural. Happy that she's going far, though! :)