Thursday, November 13, 2014

Well This Has Been a Special Time

Let's talk about this little cutie right here:

This is a little girl that I thought was totally healthy. Then something happened about 30 minutes after this photo was taken. 

Yesterday, I was driving to my parents' house (about a 40 minute drive) when Ellie got sick in the car. We were about 5 minutes from Grammy and Pops when she just said "Oh no.." and there she went. She immediately said "Uh oh! I made a mess!" and "I sorry Mommy!" and started to cry. I reassured her as I quickly dialed my parents and said "BE READY WITH TOWELS AND GLOVES."

We got to the house, where Mom swiftly took Ellie inside to bathe her while I tried to figure out what to do about the carseat.

I very seriously considered throwing the whole thing away. It was that bad. 

I did what I usually do when faced with a problem that I am certain other people have dealt with before. "Mom, I think I'm just gonna ask Facebook" is what I believe I said. So I posted to Facebook yesterday WHAT DO I DO?!? and the people responded. Thank you for your responses. I did start a minor debate amongst some of my Facebook friends about whether or not the car seat straps could be machine washed.  It was at that point that  I had another thought about burning the whole thing.

I washed the washable parts and then took to the carseat with gloves, 409, Lysol, soap and water, and q-tips. 

Ellie ran around in a diaper while we washed her clothes and all the towels and the washable parts of the car seat.  Ellie was cracked out with happiness. She played with toys, saw her cousins, danced, sang, giggled, ran and acted 100% normal. I decided she had either eaten something bad or she was car sick. We ate dinner, dried everything (even using a hair dryer for parts), then went through the exhausting gymnastics routine that is putting the carseat back in the car. And then Ellie and I went on our merry little way home. 

I called Grant as we left my parents' house and told him that she seemed totally fine and the carseat was finally clean and we would be home soon. He asked me to pick up Popeye's for him and I told him I would. And then, while jamming out to "Shake it Off," Ellie started throwing up again. Not to disturb her favorite song, she continued to sing the chorus while crying and heaving. It was the funniest, most pitiful thing I've ever seen. She kept singing. While vomiting. 

So, I called Grant. Told him I'd be home in 5 minutes. I would not have Popeye's with me but I needed him to be ready with towels and gloves. (Didn't I just have this conversation?!)

Ellie was in the back seat saying "I sorry, Mommy!" and "I made a mess, oh no, oh drats!" and "Shake it Off again, Mommy, please?"

So, I got to the house, we bathed her again, we disassembled the carseat again and rewashed all the same clothes and the same blankets. I was exhausted and tired but again thought maybe she was developing car sickness. Grant and I sat down to watch "Nashville" when she hollered for me. And then she threw up in her crib. We cleaned her, changed her, settled her. And then she did it again. 

My poor baby. 

She finally went down for a good rest around midnight and slept all night. At 6:30am she started calling for me and asking "Ellie eat dinner" and "Ellie drink".

We were sooooo nervous this morning but she ate well and has kept everything down. And around 10:00am I realized that she had a fever.

The only good thing about today has been the snuggles. 

Here she is in her 4th set of pajamas. Reindeer shirt and polka dot pants. We made do with what we could at 12am. 

So, now, she's taking a really great nap. 

And this is my "My Kid is Sick" Day Uniform:
T-Shirt from a work event that Grant went to
Loud pajama pants
Leopard print fuzzy socks
No make up
Hair in ponytail

3 cups of coffee and lots of Lysol. That's my day. 

Please pray that this ends soon.

And if I could not have any more vomit in my life this week I would really be super happy about that. 

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