Friday, November 21, 2014

Our Week as Told by Instagram

Happy Friday, folks! As we wrap up this week, I thought I'd shine a light on Instagram (which I love) and do a little photo recap! 

This was Sunday morning. I was looking everywhere for my bracelet as I tried to get ready for church. We were running late and I was stomping around, talking about how I just saw it. And then I found little Miss Munchkin sitting on some pillows, playing with it. I took a picture and then chose another bracelet. Sometimes you just gotta let a little girl play with bracelets. 

Speaking of girly things.... I receive American Girl catalogs from time to time and I promptly throw them away. Ellie is too little for something so expensive! However, on Monday, she went to throw away a paper towel in the trash, and then I heard her say "Oh, what's that, Mommy?" She pulled the catalog out of the trash. She sat down and flipped through it. She loved all the dresses and hairstyles. Oh, I'm in trouble. (And, no, she is not getting an American Girl doll for Christmas. Ain't no way I'm starting that yet.)

Ever have a heart attack in the middle of the day? I turned around and saw this reflection of a glowing baby in a shopping cart and I screamed and clutched my chest. 

I finally got my head wrapped around the fact that the sun shining through the living room window was causing some crazy glowing effect with this baby doll of Ellie's but I was thoroughly panicked. I put a blanket over the baby doll and closed the shades!

Sometimes when Ellie is told that it's time to put on pajamas, she has some opinions about that. Honestly, putting on pajamas is my most favorite part of every day. This girl doesn't know what she's missing out on. Anyways, she threw herself onto the ground while loudly voicing her disapproval. Thankfully, her daddy came to the rescue to console her while also explaining to her that we don't throw fits when we're asked to do something we don't want to do. 

As you can tell by her lack of eye contact, she wasn't entirely convinced. And yes, her shirt says "Happy." Oh, the irony.

I already told you about Tuesday's Epic Toddler Meltdown ... but thankfully, Ellie's school Thanksgiving feast on Thursday went much better. She had a great time and I love seeing her interact with her little friends. 

She refused to eat turkey and cheese (I DO NOT COMPREHEND THIS) so her Thanksgiving lunch consisted of yogurt, crackers, and fruit. Sigh. 


Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about getting a passport and the giant forehead situation? Well, it came! Now I just need to decide where I want to go. I've been to Italy already when I was fourteen. I'm leaning towards a UK trip. Who knows? It's a great, big world out there....

My sweet inlaws are driving in from New Orleans as I type this, so I need to get my bootie out of this chair and start getting the house ready. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

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