Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Don't Make it Funny

My default reaction to things is to make it funny. Feeling sad? Make it funny. Something tick you off? Make it funny. Busy and stressed? Find a joke in there. There's one in there, somewhere.

This method of operation really does help me find the joy in life and prevents me from taking myself or other things too seriously. Of course, I get angry, and of course, some things just aren't funny. But, in general, I try to find the sunny side. And the sunny side sometimes includes some sarcasm or self-deprecation or the like. I enjoy making people laugh, and I enjoy making myself laugh. Believe me, I make myself laugh much more than I make others laugh. I geek out from time to time.

Some good things have been happening lately.  I can't talk about most of it just yet. They are overwhelmingly positive and I feel like I'm being showered with blessings. Yes, I'm still waiting on the Lord's timing in certain areas of life, but I can not deny that things are moving and shaking in 2015 and I am just delighted.

After reflecting on all the exciting things coming up in the next few weeks and months, I realized that I was searching for a joke somewhere in there. But then I stopped myself.

 Don't make it funny, Jenny.

Stop trying to make everything funny.

Okay, I won't make it funny.

So, what's my next default? PANIC. I can easily allow myself to get panicked with all the changes. Everything is turning upside down and backwards, and this kind of stuff tends to make me freeze in place. I could talk about how I'm gonna hide under the covers and hyperventilate, and that would make it funny. Or I could decide to be overwhelmed and focus all my energies on how stressed and flustered I am all the time.

Not this time. I'm choosing not to do that. I'm choosing joy and gratitude. I'm thankful.

I'm choosing not to panic. I'm choosing to not make it funny.

Just soak it up,
without the jokes, Jenny.

Don't cheapen it all by twisting it around to get a laugh.

Just call it what it is. Blessing.

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  1. Love this so much and can't wait to hear more!