Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning Madness

I don't have much time to write this morning. We have an appointment in a few hours and my whole morning routine has been thrown off because a very defiant little toddler girl has decided to throw not one, not two, but THREE epic fits before 9am this morning. It has been an old-fashioned stand off and MAMA IS WINNING. 

Look, I believe that children are our future and we should teach them well and let them lead the way. However, there are circumstances where we must intervene because the way they are leading us will result in head injuries. Ellie does not appreciate my parenting methods from time to time but that's just the way that's gonna go. Sorry about it. 

In a quick recap, we really did have a great weekend. The potty training adventure went so much better than I expected. No accidents in several days. She's a rock star. We got a new family member as a reward. 

Meet Gill. 

He is a beta fish that cost approximately six American dollars. We let Ellie choose his decor, which of course she chose the pink rocks. Gill doesn't seem to be too thrilled with us but he's just gonna have to accept the fact that his adoption into our family was contingent upon someone pooping in a potty. 

For the record, she chose the name Gill because of Gill from the Bubble Guppies. However, I only allowed this name selection because of Gill from What About Bob and the fact that I can say "Good Morning Gill... I SAID, GOOD MORNING, GILL!" to him every morning. It will be a great way to start my day. 

Otherwise, our weekend consisted of hanging out with our friends Tiffany and Justin and Ricky and Ellie played with toys and got to go to the park and go down a slide about 723 times.

She loves him so much.

Also, last night, we were finishing up dinner and Ellie noticed Grant's headphones laying on the table. She picked them up and asked me if it was spaghetti. We told her you put them in your ears. She put it up to her ears and said "Listen for the beep!", thinking it was a thermometer.

Grant decided to start some music. She found this to be quite delightful.

Then she became little DJ Ellie and started demanding songs. "Play Let it Go, Daddy. DADDY! Play Shake it Off!" 

She is so very full of opinions and demands. Which is why right now I have to quit writing because she is standing next to me telling me to play golf with her. I'm not quite sure what this means. 

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  1. A just for fun piece of info :::: Barrett had MAJOR behavior issues right after potty training and even his sleep was disrupted a little. I ready in a parenting book that they have the development of potty training causes them to act weird for about two weeks. I found this to be very true and it ended eventually and I got my happy guy back. Just thought I would share .... hopefully Ellie only has one day instead of two weeks!