Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Conversations While Brushing Our Teeth

Me: I need to stop taking Benadryl before I go to bed.

Grant: Why?

Me: I've been having some really bizarre dreams.

Grant: Like what?

Me: Well, last night, I dreamed that Ellie and I were playing at a park, like over in the Cinco Ranch area, and I saw this small, private plane getting lower and lower, clearly looking for a place to land. And it looked like it was in trouble, and then it crashed into one of those little ponds in Cinco Ranch, and THEN, this huge, massive military jet came out of nowhere and very intentionally nose dived into the same pond. And all these military guys came out and the private plane's pilot came out of the water and they were fighting. And Ellie and I were trying to get out of there. It was so crazy.

Grant: Well that's weird.

Me: Yes! And in the dream I was trying to pull up the news on my phone to see what was going on but none of the news stations were reporting it. No one felt it necessary to report that a military jet intentionally crashed into one of the Cinco ponds.

Grant: Can you confirm that the Black Walnut Cafe was unharmed?

Me: I can not.

Grant: Whoa. That sounds more like a nightmare.

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