Tuesday, February 10, 2015


When I found out we were moving further into Katy, I knew I wanted to look into a preschool program closer to our house. I love, love, LOVE, Ellie's school and I will sob if we have to leave it. But, it is already a pretty far drive, and we are moving even further out. I know that there is a strong chance I will want to have her closer to our new house. Knowing that preschools in Katy are awesome, and people plan waaaaay in advance, I decided to start making some phone calls to ask some questions about getting Ellie registered for the Fall.


I already missed SEVERAL registration dates.

Many of my friends recommended schools to me. I called them all and I've already gotten Ellie on the wait list for a few of them.

One of the schools that came most highly recommended explained to me that they have registration open to the general public, but it is at a first come, first serve basis. Rumor has it that people camp out. I checked the website this morning to learn that Ellie's class has one.... ONE spot left.

Grant and his friend Ricky decided that this was going to be the adventure of a lifetime.

Around 6:45pm, Grant drove by the school to see THAT A LINE HAD ALREADY FORMED.

Registration is TOMORROW.


So, Grant and Ricky left here around 9:15 with iPads, chairs, portable chargers, and snacks in tow. Ricky even brought a Snuggie. Grant texted me at 9:30 and said "I'm 10th in line."


Apparently they've just had a pizza delivered.

Seriously, he is super dad.

Also, these 2 jokers probably didn't know that this is the turn their lives would take back when they were riding the bus together in the 8th grade.

How times have changed, boys. How times have changed.

And you better believe I am holding her spot at her current, awesome school. If I'm waitlisted or we can't get a spot, you better believe I will drive all that way. Absolutely. Mama needs those 2 days!

In all honesty, he is my hero.

Have you ever waited in a crazy line like this? The things we do for our kids.....

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