Monday, March 2, 2015

And These Are All the Reasons I Haven't Blogged

I've been a little absent. Let's discuss why:

1. We closed on our new house on Friday. It was pretty painless and Ellie played on the iPad and we signed our lives away pretty much but we are thankful.

Due to the whole buying a house thing, we spent the rest of the weekend like crazy people trying to hurry and get our house packed up. We aren't moving until Saturday but we have this crazy thing called life and a toddler and Grant still has, oh you know, A JOB, so we can't pack all day every day. But nights and weekend are when we get down to business. Which brings me to the next reason I haven't blogged:

2. All the packing. Y'all, I'm pretty sure we will never be done packing. All of a sudden these closets have become very deep and our garage very large because there is somehow an endless amount of junk in them. We are essentially touching every item in this house, one by one, because I refuse to bring our disorganization and nonsense into the new house. We are touching everything and sorting and trashing and wrapping and boxing and labeling and I am so dang tired. The stack of boxes is piling high.

We also sold our bed and nightstands. We are now sleeping on our mattress on the floor.

Ellie thinks this is hilarious and wonderful and wonders why we haven't done this all along.

Speaking of Ellie, she is just so very helpful with all of the packing. Except, the opposite of that. She is full of opinions and all the questions. I understand that this must be very confusing to her. But oh, my mercy, SHE IS QUITE THE MICRO MANAGER.

"Why you do that, Mommy?"

"Stop that, Mommy!"

"No, Daddy, don't put dat in da box. Dat's ELLIE'S!"





For the first time ever, she suddenly doesn't want to watch movies or play on the iPad. She just wants to hover and fuss at me and unpack the things I have packed. IT IS A VERY SPECIAL TIME.

Also, do you need to go back and forth from a room while packing it? Ellie would like to close the door every time you walk through the doorway. Her #1 job in life is closing doors. No, scratch that. Closing doors is her #2 job. Her #1 job is refusing to try new foods.

And then of course is her #3 job which is asking questions she already knows the answer to.

"Mommy, is that a banana?"


3. Another reason I haven't blogged is because we choose to eat out on the weekends at fancy restaurants that are sure to be written up in some kind of culinary magazine because of their hip vibes and high end customer base.

I am of course referring to Luby's and Red Lobster.

Yep, that's right. We ate at Luby's AND Red Lobster in ONE weekend.

I know you're jealous.

(Cheddar Biscuits.)

(That's all I'm saying.)

4. Lastly, I was going to blog last night but I didn't because it was the TWO HOUR SEASON FINALE of Downton Abbey so I stopped everything to watch that because I needed a break. And Downton is the best break.

And also:


And then I fell asleep on the couch because of all the excitement and fun around here.

I'll try to pop in to blog over the next few days if I can pull my ahead above the boxes. Just pray that I don't get buried alive.


  1. Christina SotherdenMarch 4, 2015 at 7:02 PM

    Enjoy the new house set up!! Hopefully it's more exciting that anxiety filled!

  2. Thank you, Christina! I am CHOOSING to be happy rather than stressed.... that'll be sure to work, right? ;)