Thursday, March 12, 2015

Completely Unnecessary Things We Brought to the New House

1. Medicine for our dog from 2010.

2. Shoes I have not worn since 2008.

3. Instruction manuals for appliances we no longer own.

4. Clothes that no longer fit me.

5. Purses I wouldn't carry if you paid me.

6. Shoes that do not have a mate.

7. Socks that do not have a mate.

8. A car charger that does not work in any car and hasn't worked in any car for years. But why would we throw something like that away? That's just silliness. Let's just put it in a box in the utility room and take it with us from home to home.

9. A pitcher that is cracked into 2 pieces and no longer functions.

10. Tupperware lids that don't fit on any tupperware.


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