Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm so excited! Tomorrow the Isaminger clan is heading to Disney World! Grantley and I are in the process of packing as I type this, I just wanted to take a little break. I am bringing my camera and intend to take many many pictures.

The Isaminger's aren't really a picture taking family. My sister-in-law Ronda and I kinda make everyone crazy with all of our picture taking. But I won't let that bring us down! We need to capture these precious memories on film!

There is only one thing that is worrying me. I have been to Disney World several times before. So has Grant. But we have never gone together. I come from a family of all girls, Grant comes from a family of all boys. As we have reflected on our past Disney World vacations, we realize that we both had very very different experiences. My family took pictures with princesses, watched the parades, saw the shows, watched Tinkerbell fly at night, and rode the rides. Grant's family? It seems like the pretty much just rode the rides the entire times. No character photos. No parades. Grant and his brother have zero interest in watching Tinkerbell fly. His mother didn't even know that it existed. So sad.

I plan on schooling this family on the joys of taking your picture with Ariel from the Little Mermaid. And perhaps Pluto! :)

Love you all. Can't wait to post all the pictures!! XOXO

I'm off to the happiest place on Earth......

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