Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pretty Princess Grace

Here are a few more photos of beautiful Grace. God is so so good! He has blessed my family and I love having 3 beautiful nieces!

Mommy came to the hospital prepared.... every princess needs a pretty pink bow!
I had a wonderful time in Houston. It was nice to see the family and be there for Grace's birth. Gracie went into fetal distress and Jaclyn was immediately taken into surgery. Her heart rate dropped very very low and the doctor felt that he needed to get Grace out as soon as possible. While we were all having minor meltdowns in the waiting room, Jaclyn and Jeremy became parents to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Praise God for keeping everyone safe and healthy. We are so grateful!
I was supposed to fly home Thursday night at 9:00. Joanna and Lindsee took me to the airport where I sat around for a few hours, only to have my flight CANCELED due to bad weather. :( So that was fun! I called my dad and he came and picked me up. The good thing is, because I stayed in Houston an extra day, I got to see the twins! Scarlett and Juliet (Nieces 1 and 2) are getting so big. They are walking and saying little words (Bye-Bye) and have personality coming out of their ears! I was so blessed to be able to see them.
I got home Friday night and Grant and I slept in late Saturday morning. We spent Saturday afternoon on the golf course. Yes, even me! Sometimes I go with Grant and drive the cart. I'll bring my book along and enjoy the pretty day with my husband. Last night we went over to have dinner with our new friends, Matt and Julie Heinz. We met them at church. Julie is due with their first baby, Jacob, any minute now. In fact, her due date is today! We had lunch with them today after church and feel very blessed to have made more new friends.
I've spent most of my afternoon cleaning. It's getting to be allergy season for me so I need to stay on top of the dust situation so it doesn't get any worse for me.....
This week looks like it's going to be pretty uneventful, lets hope it stays that way!!


  1. Oh, my! Absolutely precious and just too sweet. I am glad I got to hold her for the amount of time I did!!!

    I love you, and miss you already. But, so glad I got to see you and eat Olive Garden with you, especially for Nathans birthday!!

    Have a wonderful Monday my precious friend!!

    Lindsee Lou

    P.S. I felt like being annonymous. Sometimes signing in is s hassle!!!! :)

  2. Congratulations on your new neice! I'm glad that everything and everyone turned out happy and healthy! Thank God for hospitals and doctors for emergencies like that.
    Sounds like your marriage is off to a great start!

  3. Oh! Thank you sweet girl! And congratulations on the new marriage!! Wow....what a blessing and privilege! Bless you sister! And I love these adorable pictures. I'm such a babies fan :) Glad we've connected in Jesus' blog world :)