Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Hey friends, I am back from Orlando. We had a wonderful, exhausting, relaxing vacation. We did SIX parks in THREE days! (Saturday: Universal Studios and Universal Theme Park, Sunday: Epcot and The Magic Kingdom, Monday: MGM and Animal Kingdom). WOW. I forgot how much I love to ride roller coasters! It's been a long time and I'm pretty much smiling the entire time I'm riding.

The Magic Kingdom somehow turns me into a 9 year old little girl. We got there late at night and when I got there the parade was going on. Cinderella was riding by with Prince Charming in her carriage, and as she rode by she waved to the crowd. Ya'll, I waved back. I frantically waved back and was clapping and said "Grant!!! It's Cinderella!!". Okay, I'm kinda pathetic. AND I saw Tinkerbell fly. And I squealed.

It is such a happy happy place. The cool thing is, Grant and I were realizing that the next time we go there, we will most likely be bringing our children. :) It will be so cool to experience that with a child who is seeing everything for the first time. (Note to all readers: Grant and I do not plan on having children for a very, very long time, so don't read too much into the above statement. All I need is for me to get 14 comments asking if we're trying!)

Grant got home from work early today. Poor darlin is absolutely fried and sunburned a lovely shade of fuschia. He is sleeping on the couch right now, covered in aloe vera. Haha. Speaking of aloe vera, I have a little memory I'd like to share.

Lindsee and I were in junior highschool I believe, and we were playing the game Scattegories. The letter given to us was "A", so therefore, all answers to categories had to begin with the letter "A". The category given was "Things you Scream or Yell". Everyone was reading their answers aloud. I belive my answer was "Aaahhh". Someone else's was "Achoo!". Another person's answer was "All aboard!". Lindsee then read her answer aloud: "Aloe Vera". Everyone looked around puzzled. "When do you yell aloe vera?" I asked Lindsee. Her reply? "You know, like if you're really really sunburned and you're laying there and you are hurting and then you just scream ALOE VERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". This is why I love my Lindsee.

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day! Love to all!


  1. pictures!! Thank you!! Love you!!

  2. Oh, my. I am rolling on the floor laughing right now. I totally forgot about that. Seriously, what was I thinking? I don't think ever in my life time have I yelled "Aloe Vera" to ANYONE.

    Maybe I'll give it a try and see what happens!! :)

    Love you and miss you. I need to hug, see and talk to you!!!