Thursday, May 10, 2007


mox·ie (mŏk'sē) noun, Slang
The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
Aggressive energy; initiative: Skill; know-how.

This is Moxie. He is our dog. Moxie is a Shiba Inu (it's Japanese) and he was born in November. We got him in January. Moxie is a wonderful little boy. He's nice to have around when you're bored or lonely. He is always SO excited to see you. When I get home from work he runs circles around the apartment for about 45 seconds before he will let me take him outside. He LOVES Grant. When Grant gets home from work everyday he runs to Grant and whimpers for about 2 minutes. It's as if he is saying "Where have you been???". We love him.

Alot of people ask where we got the name Moxie. I put the definition above. Moxie means courageous. (Or as my husband calls it, "ballsy"). Our Moxie has a lot of energy and excitement. He is also learning new tricks.

He now knows the word "sit" and will sit upon command. Grant has been trying to teach him how to shake, but apparently in dog language the word "paw" means "LAY DOWN".

He sleeps in awkward places. Now that it's getting hot outside he will go downstairs and sleep on the tile in front of the front door because it's cooler. He sleeps underneath the coffee table.

My favorite time of day with Moxie is when I get home from work. He knows our routine. I get home, he runs laps around the apartment. Then I take him out to pee. We come back inside and while Moxie finds every toy he owns and brings it to me as if to say "This is my rope" or "This is my duck", I get his treats out. Moxie gets a treat, takes it from me and then jumps onto the couch. I join him and we watch Oprah. Usually Moxie will fall asleep on my feet while we watch. It's the cutest.

I love my puppy and I hope you all get to meet him someday if you haven't already!


  1. Oh, I love Moxie too!! :) He is just a ball of energy...and cracks me up. Especially when we pulled the sleep couch out. Way to confuse the dog!!!

  2. Oh sweet Moxie:) What would life be like with that much energy?? And i had to laugh about Linds comment about the pull out couch...he liked it :)

    Love you!!

  3. ok...i love moxie but, its time for a new update!! Please fulfill my desires Jenny Beth!!

    Love you more than buttermilk :)