Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good Friends, Good Weekend

Our friends Katie and Mo left this afternoon to head back to Baton Rouge. It was so fun to have them here the whole weekend. We had alot of fun! We had very fun talks and very serious discussions. We miss those two and are so blessed that they came to visit! We ate alot of fried food, chips & queso, and kolaches. The boys were very consumed with their guns. Katie and I have no interest in the firearms so we just laid in my bed and talked about anything and everything. And I mean everything. Katie and I did some serious shopping. We both bought several things from Payless and then we did some damage at the outlet mall.

I wore my new Payless shoes to the outlet mall. But, I have to tell ya, about one hour into the shopping trip, I began to feel the "Payless-ness" of the shoes. It was a painful time.

I did, amazingly enough, purchase my first Christmas gift for 2008. I am starting early this year. I really wasn't intending to, but it was one of those things that I saw this item and immediately thought of someone inparticular and knew that I had to get it. When you know, you know. So, let the Christmas shopping begin. :)

I am making a new dessert this evening. It involves chocolate pudding, whipped cream, oreos, and strawberries, all layered in a coffee mug. The husband is really excited. And I am pretty ecstatic about it as well!!

Love you friends!

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  1. so glad y'all had so much fun!
    I am SO happy you convinced me to shop with you...and so worth it since I got the jackpot $25.00!! :)
    Love you sister!