Monday, October 20, 2008

Talk to Me

I am tired... so... list-format post is in order today. However, if you get to the end of this ever-so-exciting weekend recap, then you will get to talk to me in a new feature I like to call.... "Talk to Me".

1. I am slowly recuperating from my busy weekend. I did not stop at all, the Children's Chorus took up every waking moment of my weekend, Friday through Sunday. Such cute kids though.

2. There is a line in a Dr. Seuss song that the kids are singing, and a soloist has to sing the word "sauerkraut". Bless his heart, he kept singing "Saukernaut" (pronounced Socker-Not). Adorable.

3. We watched "Baby Mama" last night. SO. FLIPPIN. FUNNY. I'm still quoting it.

4. This week is going to be weird at work. Our VP is on vacation all week which kinda scares me, and, the accountant got fired on Friday. Again. This was Accountant #4, since MAY. And I am doing her job again in the mean time until they hire someone.

5. Due to the economic crisis, our hours have been cut. Nice. However, I will now have every other Friday off! :)

6. I went to Kroger last night to buy some white cheddar popcorn. I was CRAVING it. And it was good.

7. My hair needs some help. And, for the first time EVER, I have decided I am going to put some highlights in it. VERY SUBTLE ONES. Because I have never ever put any kind of color in my hair, this is a HUGE step for me. I am very nervous!!

8. I saw my friend Amy this weekend. She has lost 67 lbs. I about fell over when I saw her! She said she did it by running everyday. I told Grant that I want to start running everyday. This should last till about Tuesday.

9. I had dinner with my Linds Saturday night. It was SO NICE. I love her.

10. The children's chorus sang at a wedding Saturday night. It was a beautiful wedding. Apparently only beautiful people were allowed to be present. The bridesmaids were ALL blonde. It looked like an episode of The Hills. And one bridesmaid just would not fix the bride's train and it looked terrible. It was all tucked under her and wrinkled. Lindsee and I were trying to telepathically communicate to her to FIX THE TRAIN!!! That is her ONE JOB! Thankfully, the mother of the bride got up from her pew and fixed it after about 6 minutes of torture. I felt much better. But you could tell that the bridesmaid felt really stupid. HELLO!!

11. Church was awesome yesterday. We are really liking our new Sunday school class!

12. I had a corndog for lunch yesterday. And, to quote my sister Shannon, "I really need to start eating more corndogs". They really are soooooo good. Have you ever had the Mini-Corndogs from A&W? YUM!

And now... a new feature to get some conversation going:

Talk to me: What is the best gift you've ever received? (I'm talking material here. We all know the real answer is eternal life, but I am thinking more along the lines of "coach purse") I am waiting to be impressed :)

Have a great week ladies!


  1. The best gift I've ever been given is my precious dog, Toby! :)

    That was too easy! hehe

  2. ok..i cannot believe that they fired the new accountant!!! What is the issue here?
    On another note, I am excited you have every other friday off. Do they line up with Grants off days?
    Maybe you can come play with me and Parker sometimes :)
    I think my favorite gift ever would have to be the robe Jeremy gave me at the hospital when I had Grace. He had it monogrammed to say "Grace's mom". I mean, really, how cute and creative is that? Love him :)

  3. okay, had to hubby is pretty great at this maybe he's my best gift. thanks, God!

    but on to the STUFF...of course i LOVE my diamond earrings (which i thought i'd lost, but found when we were packing to move), but last Christmas mike gave me a coffee mug with "the reasons i married you" and a list. at first i thought he'd just bought it at walgreens or something, then i started reading. it was all about ME. i may have to post a picture of it on my blog. :)

    i love using it in the morning during my quiet time. in fact, on those mornings that i'm not in the best mood toward him, i make sure i grab it and remind myself of all the wonderful memories we share.

    fun post, jen!

  4. Ooo I don't know, Jen. I just LOVE gifts in general, though of course I love my engagement ring a LOT!

    And, to answer your query regarding 'theatre', it's where an operation or 'surgery' would take place, I went there to get stitches after giving birth. Though it would've been much more pleasant to go see a musical at the 'other theatre' hehe

  5. Okay, so know that your blog sparked up a lively conversation in my home. I told Scott about your post with the intentions of asking him for a HUGE gift I'm really, really wanting... new flooring.
    We moved into our home in June and the wood flooring is in an absolutely terrible condition. Not only are they banged up and scratched, but there's guk mixed with kitty litter mixed with pet hair in between each slat of wood. This has created a health problem for Gloria since she has trouble breathing due to allergies.
    All this to say... I know what I want for the next 3 Christmas'. Yet after I mentioned your blog to Scott he got all spiritual and mushy by saying that of course Christ was the best gift. "Ok well, he's not included in this list." Well then he mentioned our girls.. "They're off this list, too." Then, my wedding ring and so on. UGH.
    Either he was totally skirting around the issue or I won't be getting the new flooring I'm wanting b/c he is absolutely, completely oblivious. And until I do get that flooring, the best gift ever given to me was my dog, Belle. (Even though some people thought she was evil.)

  6. For the record:

    I am one of the people who thought Kaye's dog, Belle, was evil!

    Fav gift?

    Um. Since my husband boasts that 3 of the 4 Christmases we've shared together He's bought my gift at a 24 hr WAL-MART... I don't really have one.

    Yep. That's right. You probably think I'm kidding.

    It's sad, but true. Maybe Cristina's hubby and my Jon could be friends. Maybe he could teach Jon a few things!!!