Monday, October 27, 2008

Street Names

My job deals primarily with new homes under construction, 90% of those in new developments. So, everytime a new house is being built, the builder will call me and give me all the specifics on the house, including the address. These people are cracking me up with the street names. Who decides what a street is going to be called? And why do some of these names make absolutely no sense at all? Allow me to give a few examples:

1. Some names are too long, and a bit unnecessary. Do you really wanna write " Blue Cardinal Meadow Ridge Lane" every time you write your address down for someone?

2. Some names sound ridiculous.... "Blue Tiger Mountain" is a little contrived, don't you think?

3. There is a whole street full of homes on "Littlehip Hawthorn".

4. My sister Shannon told me there is an area in Austin, full of multi-million dollar mansions. All of these giant, fancy homes live on a street called "Possum Trot". Is that ugly or what?!

5. Forgive me, but I am not interested in living on a street called "Goat Lagoon".


7. Again, I am not making this up: "Tonnawanda Park Forest"

8. I feel bad for the people who have built their dream home on "Gorki Pueblo"

9. "Wexford Chenango" - 'nuff said.

10. This doesn't really fall into a street name category, but I just have to share..... I had a builder call me the other day and tell me that one of their homeowners wants to change their address from "7506" to "7508". I asked why... apparently they wanted 7508 because the number 6 "made them uncomfortable, and it isn't a peaceful number. 7506 is not feng shui". FOR REALS!!

Whatever happened to Maple Street?!?!


  1. HA :)

    Love you!!!! And please post some pictures of "GOLDER"!!!!!


  2. oh for the love!! People are SO silly nowadays.

    Have a great monday, LVOE YOU!

  3. These are pretty funny... and ridiculous

    unfortunately my name is Brittney Jean (but with 2 t's) so, yea... pretty much have Spears' name

    NOT fun - especially in high school

  4. Pretty funny!!

    There's a street in Jersey Village called "Achgill St". - Named after my grandfather who was on the city board at one time. Boy, I feel sorry for those people.

  5. hahaha such a funny post. There's a STREET named 'Bluebell COTTAGES', pretty- except that the street is full of new modern HOUSES and not pretty, quaint cottages. Silly, huh?

    And, I reckon golder is a word, along with golder-er for when you get your highlights re-done. haha x

  6. Haha! Hilarious!

    Um...can we see some pics of your pretty hair now?? I'm not hatin' on the humor- just ready to see your sweet face!


  7. Too funny! I think they think up those names for comic relief!