Monday, October 6, 2008

Just Another Marvelous Monday

Well happy Monday to you all! Grant and I just got back from New Orleans late last night. I have to tell you, we had an GREAT time. We hadn't seen Grant's family since the 4th of July (CRAZY!) and the trip was long overdue and felt far too short.

We had a wonderful time just sitting around the kitchen talking, discussing how Ronda is going to decorate the nursery for the twins, eating ice cream cake and just being together. Grant and his dad and his brother got to spend alot of time together and I am so thankful, he has been missing his family really badly! By the way, that Ronda is beautiful, glowing, and I can already tell she is going to be such a great mommy.

Grant's mom took great care of us the whole weekend and cooked her little heart out. We are so thankful. Moxie and Bailey (Chase and Ronda's beagle) got along great. They love to just pace around the house and follow Grant's mom wherever she goes! And then Gammy and Paw-Z came over with their little baby chihuahua, Black Jack. Black Jack is NOT a fan of Moxie at all and also doesn't seem to realize that Moxie is much bigger than him. They were cracking us up.

Grant and I got back to Houston around 9:45 and unpacked and went straight to bed. We were exhausted. This morning I am feeling really rested and rejuvenated though, so Praise the Lord! :)

Our dear friends Mo & Katie are coming to Houston to see us this weekend! I am beyond excited as I haven't seen my Katie since JUNE (this is getting ridiculous) and I am thrilled to have her here!!

So today I am just working working working, going to the grocery store afterwork and cookin dinner. It's a good day my friends!

Have a positive attitude today. Praise God for the small things and don't focus on the negatives. :) That's my pep talk for ya!


  1. so glad ya'll had a fun visit in New Orleans!!! Sounds like it was a great time :)

    Thank you for your sweet words... its amazing how many people truly are praying for our precious Carson! God is soo good!!!

    I love you!!! I miss you so much!!!

  2. Girl, we LOVE ya'll too. We CANNOT wait to hang out. I feel like it's been forever! I'm glad you had fun in New Orleans and made it back safely.

    love you sweet one!!

  3. I am so excited to see you!! 3 1/2 daysssss!!! eek!!