Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Very Scattered Ten

1. Everything is breaking all at one time! Grant's car broke down twice on us Easter Sunday on I-10 (PRAISE THE LORD FOR GETTING US HOME SAFELY!) and the earpiece on my cellphone broke and I could only communicate via speakerphone. I had to begin every conversation with "Hi, you're on speakerphone so don't say anything embarassing!"

2. Grant's car is in the shop and should be ready this afternoon. I had my phone transferred over to Grant's old cell phone. I'm not complaining or anything but I don't like his old phone. It's totally a boy phone.

3. This morning when I stepped on the scale, I was two pounds lighter. Hooray for baby steps!

4. I packed my husband's lunch this morning (leftovers from dinner last night) and also made him 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for snacks. He was so happy!

5. I totally felt really convicted yesterday. There is a man at my office that is one of those people that is just really difficult to like. Most of the girls here are not fans of him and he is irritating. Because of this, I am cordial to him and professional but I haven't been real friendly. Well yesterday we got an email from HR to all of us girls saying that she had a discussion with him and she is asking that we all please "treat him like a human". I felt really bad. I'm sure alot of people find my obnoxious personality less than tolerable and I don't ever want to be treated rudely. I guess I always justified it with the fact that I wasn't being ugly to him, I just didn't go out of my way for him. I would say hello but not engage. I'm sure he could read between the lines though and see that none of us are especially fond of him. But that does not excuse my behavior. It was not Christ-like of me and I am definitely going to change the way I treat him.

6. Please pray for my sister Jaclyn. Her baby boy Dean has had a rough go of it (you can read about it on her blog) and the little buddy could really use a break! (And so could his mommy!)

7. I am tickled pink because my parents are taking their three granddaughters to see Disney on Ice on Friday morning. I wish I could be there to watch their sweet faces! Those girls are so lucky to have such a fun Grammy and Pops!

8. Tonight on American Idol, the theme is "Songs from the Movies". I'm kinda hoping Adam Lambert does "Eye of the Tiger" from Karate Kid. Even if Simon does call it karaoke!

9. I am preparing myself for the month of May. It is our crazy month for gifts! May includes the birthdays of 3 nieces, 1 sister, 1 sister-in-law, 1 husband and 2 Mother's Days! I'm starting my shopping now!

10. It really is a beautiful day and I am praising God for waking me up with such a joyful heart this morning! Here is a beautiful picture of a Texas sunrise :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. car problems are the worst! We were on I-10 late Sunday afternoon - we saw several people on the side of the road with car problems. I wonder if that was you!

  2. "Hi, you're on speakerphone so don't say anything embarassing!"

    That was so funny. When you said that on the phone I got really nervous! As if I would say something embarassing anyway. Love you! Glad you got a phone to work so I can talk to you on the normal phone now, instead of speaker phone and being all jumbled up.

    Also, WOO HOO for you loosing 2 pounds! Go you!

  3. For reals about the speakerphone! That had to be the most awkward conversation we have ever had!

    I am jealous of the two pounds. I need to get my booty into gear!

    Love you!